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Time for a Spring Cleanse?

We hope you are having a lovely bank holiday weekend … time for a spring cleanse? Time away from work allows you to recharge your body, catch up on sleep and think about what’s next, and start to make plans. And the lighter evenings and some warmer weather on the horizon feeds our natural optimism. It’s also a time when overindulgence might have broken your healthy routines and exercise patterns, so, now is the perfect time for a spring cleanse!

You’ll feel much better for it, both physically and psychologically.

Here are a few tips to get you back on track:

  • Drink hot water + lemon on rising. Try drinking hot water and a generous squeeze of lemon first thing in the morning.. It’s not only a natural way to hydrate but it can help push your body to the required pH alkaline which can improve overall health.
  • Have a breakfast smoothie. Check out our favourite using Living Fuel. Filling, and crammed full of goodness to give you energy throughout the morning (unlike sugar-based breakfasts).
  • Ban sugar. Have a go at banning yourself from consuming anything with refined sugar in it. Satisfy your sweet tooth with natural sugar from fruits or check out our many recipes using natural sugars such as honey, coconut sugar, stevia and xylitol.
  • Eat your greens. Hopefully you’re not too bored of being told this… but it’s just so important. And with the new spring crops available, cramming your plate with a colourful array of salad and vegetables that are on offer at your local farm shop or supermarket shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • Exercise. The founder of Evolution Organics, Henry Maitland has been a health and fitness guru for over 20 years… and can’t emphasize enough about daily exercise. Weather it’s a brisk walk in the park or a gentle cycle ride, filling your lungs with oxygen and staying active, dramatically improves your wellbeing.
  • Stress. And finally be gentle on yourself. Stressing about what you have and haven’t been able to achieve today, tomorrow and next week is not a healthy space to occupy!
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More About The Author - Marie-Eve Maitland

Marie-Eve Maitland Marie-Eve (pronounced the French way and, yes, you guessed it, Henry's wife) is our kitchen and food-wiz and is behind our healthy recipes and also manages our twitter account (get in touch!).  Having graduated in dietetics in Canada, Marie-Eve is passionate about eating, discovering new foods and leading a healthy lifestyle to make sure she in tip-top shape to look after her little girl, Elodie.Marie-Eve loves cooking (of course), weight training, yoga, walking, matcha green tea and chocolate (amongst other things).

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