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Our favourite sustainable products

Our favourite sustainable products

27th Feb 2020

We are living in a changing world. It is changing physically, with climate change and environmental issues no longer just a concern but a major global issue. But there are also social changes afoot in relation to this. This is because individuals, organisations, companies and governments are starting to make positive changes to limit their impact on such important issues.

One of the main ways this is being achieved is through sustainability initiatives. These can be wide-spanning and cover whole countries, enabling great change across huge areas. Or they can be individual, as people seek ways to live more sustainably, thoughtfully and admirably. 

The Evolution Organics team understands the importance of sustainable living and sustainable manufacturing techniques. 

We see ourselves as being at a pivotal point, between the suppliers and the end user. This means that we can choose who we work with and keep our sustainability agenda front of mind when making these decisions. We can also enable our customers to live more sustainably by providing products that have been made with sustainability in mind. 

This blog will take a look at how sustainability is shaping the modern market, how we choose the suppliers we work with, and highlight some of our favourite sustainable products.

The sustainability issue

Technically speaking, sustainability is ‘the ability to exist constantly’. It’s all about living without compromising the chances of diminishing what enables that life in the future. If you have enough food for 7 days, and separate it out into 7 sets and consume each amount on its scheduled day, that’s a sustainable approach. Eat it all on the first two days, and there’s nothing left for the other five days and problems arise.

That’s a basic, but applicable example of what sustainability is. We as humans haven’t been putting in place the necessary thought or systems in many instances that could be described as sustainable. In the context of modern life, sustainability is all about the ability for humans and nature to live harmoniously.

If we as humans take too much from nature without giving back or replacing what we’ve used, that’s unsustainable and will have a negative impact over the long term. Any product that takes from nature without adequate replacement is not sustainable. 

More and more companies are realising the need to include sustainability in their operational structure and overall ethos. But that doesn’t mean every company has.

At Evolution Organics, we consider this when selecting our suppliers.

How we choose who we work with

As mentioned, we see ourselves as a bridge between the supplier and the end customer. This bridge is something you, as a sustainability-minded customer, can cross safely in the knowledge that you are buying products from suppliers that share your views.

We carefully identify those suppliers that share our own thinking, and have clearly put into place the kind of processes and initiatives that support sustainability in the long run.

Our expert team has spent a long time putting together a range of suppliers that ultimately offer sustainable, natural alternatives to traditional products. Some of our favourite suppliers in this regard include If You Care, Dr Bronners and UpCircle.

If You Care has been producing brilliant products that keep in mind environmental factors since 1990. Their range reduces waste across packaging and materials, and has as low environmental impact and carbon footprint as possible. Dr Bronner’s is a leading manufacturer of sustainable soaps and personal care products. The company has its own suppliers that operate under a set of principles that include environmental sustainability.

UpCircle is a leading supplier of skincare products, and has been vocal in its support for sustainability initiatives and even offers guidance on how to be more sustainable in your own skincare routine.

Other suppliers with particularly strong sustainability standpoints include We Love the Planet, a company with a major focus on producing products that are natural and responsible. It’s all in the name!

A further favourite is The Clay Cure Company, who specialise in providing top level clay-based products in a sustainable way. 

Our favourite sustainable products

If you’re looking for sustainable products, you’re in the right place. Let’s take you through some of our favourite sustainable items. 

If You Care’s range includes a host of handy domestic products like coffee filters, firelighters and food waste bags. These are a strong purchase for anybody looking to reduce their own carbon footprint. 

We also have sustainable coffee from Bulletproof and Purelife Health, as well as sustainable tea options from Rio Amazon. With Pau d’Arco, Quebra Pedra and Cat’s Claw teas from this sustainable supplier, you can enjoy quality tea safe in the knowledge that it’s as sustainable as it is delicious.

Evolution Organics’ range of health supplements contains a host of products produced in a sustainable way, including capsules, liquids, powders and oils. From a skincare perspective, UpCircle’s selection of body scrubs in flavours including Cacao, Lemongrass, Peppermint and Tangerine have all been produced sustainably. Other great sustainable items in our range include sustainable cotton buds from Simply Gentle, Magnesium gels from BetterYou and eco-friendly pet toothbrushes from Dr Mercola. 

Shop sustainably with Evolution Organics Hopefully this blog has provided a flavour of our sustainability commitment here at Evolution Organics. Our range is packed full of sustainable health products from trusted suppliers, making it easy for you to get hold of quality products from trusted sources. Be sure to take a look at our delivery options and familiarise yourself with what we have to offer.

And if you have any questions, do get in touch with the Evolution Organics team.