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Detoxing:Daily Routines, Supplements & Holistic Health Hacks

Detoxing:Daily Routines, Supplements & Holistic Health Hacks

Posted by Love Life Supplements on 20th Jun 2022

Our bodies have a natural ability to 'detox' daily, but due to environmental toxins, alcohol, sugar, refined foods, and certain lifestyle choices, we sometimes need to give ourselves more support. To help ourselves feel consistently well, we can take steps to gently ‘detox’ the body daily, via detox diet supplements, diet and lifestyle choices. Whilst the word ‘detox’ may conjure up images of colonics and green juice, all that’s really required to support the body’s detox processes is to remove what does not serve your body, and favour what does! Read on for simple lifestyle tips and detox supplements to help you detox daily.


Other than the more obvious toxins like sugar and alcohol, there are other somewhat invisible toxins we’re exposed to throughout daily life. Think pollution, air fresheners, scented candles and cleaning products. When these environmental toxins are left to build up within us, it can lead to chronic respiratory illnesses, digestive issues, brain fog, hormonal imbalances, mood swings, and even types of cancer. Activated charcoal works by capturing and binding to toxins and gas, allowing them to easily be carried out of the body. The use of activated charcoal promotes a healthy digestive system, and unlike harsh detox products, activated charcoal is far more natural, and is easy on the colon. I’d recommend using activated charcoal on an empty stomach, or as part of a fasting protocol – it also works well to prevent and remedy hangovers too!


The skin is the body’s biggest organ, and it’s important to recognise that just as organs like the heart, lungs and liver have a job to do, so does the skin. Sweating via the skin is one of the body’s most effective ways of excreting waste, which is why you might feel so ‘cleansed’ after a hot yoga class or sauna session. Unfortunately, anti-perspirant deodorants and certain body moisturisers we might think are helping us, are very harmful, as they block the pores and stop sweat (and toxins) from leaving the body. If the waste products can’t be excreted through the skin, they get ‘pushed back’ into the body, towards the lungs and kidneys, which can contribute to respiratory illness, and the kidneys’ ability to filter other waste from the body. To support your ability to detox via sweating, do something that helps you sweat like running or dancing, weighted exercises, sauna or steam room sessions, or indeed hot yoga! Perhaps most importantly, switch to a deodorant that does not contain anti-perspirant!


High in fibre, calcium and vitamin C, broccoli sprout is a great addition to any diet, especially if you want to boost your natural detox processes. Broccoli sprouts contain high levels of sulforaphane, a powerful antioxidant that protects the cells from free-radicals and helps promote longevity. This effective supplement helps reduce inflammation and fights unhealthy bacteria in the digestive system too. Especially if you don’t feel you get enough cruciferous veggies into your daily diet, opt for this extract.



Intermittent fasting is a hormetic stressor, which refers to a ‘positive stress’ that serves to strengthen the immune system and contribute to longevity. Much like cold showers, high intensity workouts and saunas, intermittent fasting works along the same lines as ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. The well-researched benefits include weight loss, increased energy levels, aiding cellular repair, the ability to alter gene expression (which means it can prevent cancer and other diseases linked to genetics), lowering risk of type 2 diabetes, reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, as well as big brain benefits. The simple reason behind all of this is that eating requires the body to do a lot; we must use energy to digest, distribute nutrients and release waste products, blood sugar shifts, and blood and oxygen are pulled towards the stomach, instead of being used to repair tissue and cells that need a little TLC. Intermittent fasting essentially gives the body a break from dealing with food, so that it can shift its energy towards improving health markers. Instead of accumulating toxins, we’re naturally detoxing as the body is able to process and rid itself of built-up waste and inflammation.

BUT – intermittent fasting isn’t for everyone – for women especially, it can be more beneficial for your digestive health, metabolism, and hormones to listen to when your body is truly hungry. Ignoring hunger and skipping breakfast over a prolonged period can weaken the digestive fire, so if skipping breakfast just leaves you moody, low on energy, or you’re struggling to lose excess weight, eating more regularly could serve to strengthen your digestive fire again.


Turmeric is a bright yellow herb that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years to promote powerful health benefits. The active ingredient curcumin contains plant substances called curcuminoids that contain extremely effective antioxidant levels and can help neutralise free radicals. Curcumin provides natural anti-inflammatory properties and taking it as a supplement can often work just as well as pain-relieving pharmaceuticals, without the side effects! Curcumin95 contains BioPerine (an active form of black pepper) which makes the curcumin even more bioavailable. I highly recommend this supplement to anyone suffering with joint pain or inflammation, or for those who simply want to maintain wellbeing. For best results, take the capsules at night, when they’re better absorbed by the body.


Being properly hydrated allows every aspect of the mind and body to function well. When we’re hydrated, we’re more able to absorb the nutrients from foods, as well as expel the waste and toxins we don’t need or want within us. Although it might seem as though just drinking more water would aid in hydration, there are some helpful hacks to better hydration

Add Electrolytes

Level-up your water with electrolytes like high-quality salt and lemon juice or use a combination of collagen and electrolytes.
Front-load your water: Many cultures that live in hot countries – especially deserts – ‘front-load’ their water intake, which means they drink most of their fluids early in the day. We sweat on average about a coke-can amount of water each night (if you’re not preventing sweating with anti-perspirants and pore-blocking creams!), so drinking water in the morning is important. The body processes about 750ml to 1 litre of water per hour, so there’s no need to drink any more than that when you wake up – instead, add electrolytes so you’re able to absorb the minerals.

4th Phase Water

Water comes in many forms – liquid, solid, gas, and water in its gel state is more hydrating and is absorbed better by the body, hence why getting water from food sources is also important. The synovial fluid in our joints is also water in its ‘gel’ like state – also known as the ‘fourth phase of water’. Water in its gel form can be found in fruits and vegetables (especially cucumber, lettuce, and juicy fruits), limes, ghee, coconut oil, chia seeds (pre-soaked for a few hours), and bone broth. These foods not only contain gel water but are also full of electrolytes. Aloe vera juice is also a very healing and nourishing tonic to consume if you’re feeling both inflamed and dehydrated.

Sip Warm Water

When we drink cold water, this places stress on the digestive system, and the body must use energy to raise it to body temperature before absorbing. Sipping warm water throughout the day means it’s much easier to absorb, and you’ll feel far more hydrated.


Matcha green tea is hailed as a superfood, and rightly so. Matcha green tea contains much higher levels of the antioxidant EGCG than other types of green tea, making it a great option for boosting metabolism, aiding in detox, and protecting the cells from damage. Matcha green tea can also reduce cholesterol, and clinical studies even show its ability to ease emotional stress! Take the capsules with water or open them and stir into warm almond milk with honey for a luxuriously healthy drink.