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What I eat in a day

What I eat in a day

Posted by Marie-Eve Maitland on 11th May 2021

Hello, I am Marie-Eve, and since I've been asked by a few people, I thought it was about time I shared what I eat in a day... And here goes!

Over the years, my diet has changed and that is 100% normal. As we age, our needs differ and everybody is unique so what I eat in a day will be different from what suits YOU best. 

At the moment, I follow a predominately keto diet with intermittent fasting. I followed the ketogenic diet last year for a few months and it helped reduce inflammation and as I felt great on this particular diet I thought giving it another try might beneficial for my overall health. 

  • 7am - wake up and have a glass of water & a shot of Symprove
  • 8am - black coffee 
  • 9am - I cycle 6 miles to work and then I make myself a Bulletproof Coffee (Recipe HERE) + 1 scoop of collagen
  • 11.45/12noon - a "Graze" punnet - the marmite nuts are a favourite
  • 1pm - Lunch - I like chicken mixed with mayonnaise, celery, red onions and tarragon on salad
  • 3pm - another snack. Mostly veggies with a bit of houmous with celery and cucumber or peanut butter
  • 5pm - I cycle back home and have dinner. Today was Kale Caesar Salad with a poached egg
  • 8pm - A cup of tea (Pukka's Three Mint or Organic India Original Tulsi Tea)
  • 9pm - Greek yogurt, with berries and cacao nibs. 

I try to drink 1.5L of water a day - that amount seems to suits me perfectly fine. 

And what supplements do I take? 

So this is what I eat in a day - what about you? 

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