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About Us


Founded in 2009 by Henry Maitland, Evolution Organics provides an authentic source of premium, natural and cutting-edge health food supplements and wellness products for people who know that quality matters. Our products come from manufacturers who take the greatest care to buy from natural or certified organic sources along-side those who are innovative and pushing the market forwards. Ethically and environmentally aware, we work to support optimal health and fitness now and in the future. Our office and storage is in a building designed with health and wellness at heart with perfect temperature control to maintain the best possible environment for our products ensuring the highest level of nutritional integrity.

Our name

Although we are called Evolution Organics, not all the products we sell are organic.  Currently around 50% of the products we sell are certified organic.  There are some products that cannot be certified organic, and some where we have judged that the benefits outweigh the fact they are not organically certified.

Our promise

We promise to act with honesty and integrity so that you know we will always do the best we can to serve you as the friend that we hope you will become.

We only stock products that we truly believe in. And we believe that everything we sell will be genuinely good for your health and help you to live a fuller and happier life.

The Evolution Organics team 

Portrait photo of Henry Maitland

Henry Maitland

Henry founded Evolution Organics in 2009 to fulfill the growing demand from his clients for high quality, organic, whole food & wellness products and supplements. 

Henry spends most of his time working one on one with clients helping them in many respects from overcoming chronic pain to resolving long held emotional issues. All of which helps them achieve lasting health, wellness and happiness. 

When not spending time studying and working with clients, Henry is in the Evolution Organics office researching products, planning development, and writing articles for the blog. 

Portrait photo of Marie-Eve Maitland

Marie-Eve Maitland

Marie-Eve (pronounced the French way and, yes, you guessed it, Henry's wife) is our kitchen and food-wiz and is behind our healthy recipes and also manages our twitter account (get in touch!).  Having graduated in dietetics in Canada, Marie-Eve is passionate about eating, discovering new foods and leading a healthy lifestyle to make sure she in tip-top shape to look after her little girl, Elodie.

Marie-Eve loves cooking (of course), weight training, yoga, walking, matcha green tea and chocolate (amongst other things).

Portrait photo of Jon Webb

Jon Webb

Jon has been involved with Evolution Organics from pretty much the beginning as our web Project Manager. 

Jon is currently finding fitness through his daily 20 mile cycle commute (he's been out of practice in terms of exercise since he broke his knee while flying a kite).  He's also receiving nutrition coaching from everybody in the office (whether he likes it or not).

Portrait photo of Amanda Bailey

Amanda Bailey

Amanda is our Office Manager. With a degree in Human Nutrition, she is passionate about healthy eating, natural cures and wellbeing. She manages most of the ordering and general office procedures, as well as helping out with despatching all the great products we have here at Evolution Organics.

In her spare time Amanda enjoys cooking, pilates, reading and going on long walks with her husband, and dog Blue.

Portrait photo of Rebecca Hamilton

Rebecca Hamilton

Rebecca has always had an interest in sport and nutrition and went on to study Health, Sport and Nutrition at both College and University.  After working as a gym instructor, Rebecca left the health and nutrition industry for a few years before deciding that it was in this sector that her passions lay.

Rebecca has always enjoyed doing some form of exercise but recently has started training for a 10k run followed shortly by a half marathon.  (Apparently long distance running is not a strong point of Rebecca's, so any tips would be gratefully received!)

All other spare time is spent with her mad dog 'Jenson', who has been keeping Rebecca company on her evening runs.


And then there are the Evolution Organics animals

Photo of Jenson (dog)


Photo of Blue (dog)