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Product Review - Naked Biotics - Raw and natural Daily Bacteria Shots

Product Review - Naked Biotics - Raw and natural Daily Bacteria Shots

Posted by Marie-Eve Maitland on 24th Mar 2022

Naked Biotics, a daily probiotic shot that replenishes the good bacteria in your gut, restoring the balance and helping you reconnect your body with its natural immunity. Many talk about it helping with conditions they’ve lived with for years. Restore your inner glow with your daily dose of life.


Naked Biotics uses a long-researched fermenting process to develop twelve strains of bacteria, each of which is scientifically proven to alleviate specific conditions. Important to consider is that our bacteria are grown to thrive at temperatures around body temperature. Also, they are given 18-21 days to develop. This is critical because the bacteria strengthen and learn to exist together. The reason this is important is because, to be most effective, bacteria has to stay alive, thrive and multiply when it enters your gut, surviving stomach acid along the way. Our fermentation primes them to do just that."

- Naked Biotics

Taking care of your gut should be a top priority when looking at ways to improve your overall health and wellness. Not only that, an unhealthy gut can lead to serious complications quite quickly. From boating, fatigue, diarrhea, IBS to arthritis, allergies, heart disease and depression.

Lots of factors can have a negative effect on your gut, such as diet and lifestyle, poor sleep quality, alcohol and inactivity, can all harm your gut bacteria. Stress is also a very strong culprit. For me, I don't really drink, I'm fairly active (I cycle to work most days) but recently I have been suffering from stress and my sleep has been affected. 

About 3 weeks ago, I started to feel uncomfortable and bloated. My first thought was that maybe it was the food I was eating. I follow a mostly low carb diet. My reason for that it that carb cause inflammation for me and I have always responded better when on a keto/low carb diet. 

For that reason I decided to look at ways to increase my fibre intake and reduce protein. This helped a little but still I felt bloated and tired. My next step was to stop all supplements for a little while, to heal my gut and I felt that a daily bacetria shot would be ideal.

I have only heard good things about Naked Biotics and when we first got it in, I gave it a try and I was feeling pretty good at the time and the effects weren't that drastic. This time, because I started feeling  bloated and pretty much awful, I was hoping I would "feel" the product quickly and I am pleased to say that within 1 day, I felt better. I sound like an ad but it's truly the effect Naked Biotics had on me. After day 3, I was even better. I didn't have as much fatigue and I started to sleep better and here we are!

How does Naked Biotics work? Naked Biotics is packed full of live bacteria, natural herbal blends and some healthy extras produced during the fermentation process. It’s all in the fermentation process. Our unique formula develops over 21days and in this time the bacteria strengthen and learn to exist together. Strong bacterial colonies will stay alive when entering your gut, surviving stomach acid along the way.

How soon will I notice a difference? As our microbiomes are uniquely different, the answer to this may vary. Some people notice effects after their very first shot, others can take up to a few weeks. We recommend purchasing the 4 weeks (1L) Restore to recover the health of your gut microbiome. It’s the perfect way to restore your inner glow and experience sustained gut health.

There's 2 types of Daily Bacteria shots, what is the difference between Naked Biotics Maintain and Restore?

The difference between our two formulas lies in the specially selected herbs we add during the fermentation process. Both Maintain and Restore are bursting with the same bacteria - it’s the customised blend of herbs that sets them apart. Restore is more suited to people with sensitive tummies. Maintain is for general gut health.

So, give it a go, especially if you feel like there's a link missing to achieve optimal health. It might be what your body was craving. 

Get Naked Biotics Restore HERE

Get Naked Biotics Maintain HERE

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