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Fungal Detoxification

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Tackling fungus within the body is something that a medical professional should advise on. These infections are far from pleasant, and if you fear you have one, we advise you book an appointment with a doctor as soon as you can.
One thing you can do to help fight against an infection of this kind is take a supplement from Evolution Organics’ range of fungal detoxification products.
These products have all been included in our range as a way to help speed up your body’s fight against such conditions.

We stock products that directly fight against the yeast that can grow in your body. For example, fungus such as Candida can build up in your system and leave you feeling tired and drained.
CandiGONE from Renew Life is a 15-day antifungal Candida cleanse kit that can help eliminate the yeast that grows within your body and make you feel better.

We stock a host of other products that can provide support in this area. We stock botanical extracts from Nature’s Answer, Advanced Cellular Silver from Result RNA and Raw Manuka Honey from Green Bay.
Evolution Organics stocks a many other antifungal treatments from trusted suppliers including North American Herb and Spice, Higher Nature and PuraDyme.
For more information on the relationship between fungus and your general wellbeing, we recommend ‘The Fungus Link’ by Doug A. Kaufmann.