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Introducing the Berkey Water Range

Introducing the Berkey Water Range

29th Aug 2019

Water is a key to maintaining a happy and healthy body. It’s a vital component of our very essence, and having regular, clean water is a must when looking to maintain an all-round healthy lifestyle.

To help take your water consumption to new levels, a filtration system can deliver water that tastes better and doesn’t have any unwanted or unhelpful components.

A leading provider of water filtration systems and technology is Berkey Water. This US-based company makes high-end, portable water filtration systems that are both powerful when it comes to purifying water, but are also long-lasting options for your home or business.

Evolution Organics is delighted to introduce a range of products from Berkey Water to our array of health and wellbeing items.

We have a spectrum of water filters from the experts at Berkey Water available for you to buy and start enjoying. There are 17 litre systems available, with different models containing different numbers of filters. You can get 2 filter, 4 filter, and 6 filter versions depending on the level of water purity you seek.

There are also small but equally effective 8.5 litre system versions available, with 2 filter and 4 filter options.

To help you introduce a Berkey Water system with ease, we also stock bases of different sizes to house your filter system.

We stock Berkey Water Black Purification Elements with packs of 2 available. This is the key component behind Berkey Water’s filtration technology, removing up to 99.999% of harmful chemicals and heavy metals that may be found in tap water.

There’s also hand priming pumps available, which allow you to prime the purification elements of a Berkey Water system without the need for sink or hose connections. These priming pumps purge the system’s purification elements using air instead of water, cleaning out any unwanted pores in the compressed carbon filter wall.

You can also pick up Berkey Water sports bottles, as well as Berkey Water kits and Fluoride and Arsenic reduction elements.

And to round our range off, we stock sight glass and stainless steel spigots to make dispensing the filtered water you need all the easier.

Be sure to take a look through the full selection of Berkey Water products available at Evolution Organics. Remember, the cleaner your water, the purer your coffee, tea, or any other drink. 

Feel free to contact the Evolution Organics team if you have any questions, and familiarise yourself with our delivery options too.