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Why a natural skincare routine is the path for you

Why a natural skincare routine is the path for you

21st Nov 2019

Our skin is something that plays a hugely important, but often underappreciated, role in our lives. Skin is a big factor in how we look and feel.

Having great skin can make us look younger and more vibrant, and help us to feel great.

Our skin is also important for a number of processes in our body. Skin plays a protective role, keeping us protected from UV rays and allowing our bodies to regulate temperature.

Healthy skin can also help us react better to factors such as pressure or pain, and make beneficial changes accordingly.

With all this in mind then, protecting our skin and keeping it in a healthy state is a must.

We are exposed to so many things everyday. Therefore developing a solid skincare routine is vital to maintaining a beautiful, healthy complexion.

The dangers of some skincare products

With skin playing such a role in our bodies’ makeup, ensuring its health should be of utmost importance.

But in an ironic twist, sometimes skincare products themselves can contain potentially harmful and damaging chemicals and substances.

These can be particularly problematic for sensitive skin and other skin types, and can affect how your skin feels.

If you want a natural beauty routine, you need to move away from products that contain unwanted substances and chemicals. You could find yourself doing more harm than good. Substances such as Parabens, SLS and Petrochemicals have all been used in healthcare products over the years. Some products continue to include these elements.

Parabens are a type of preservative that prevent mould and bacteria developing within a product and the danger to our health is that they can penetrate into our skin and remain within our tissue. There have been many studies into the effects of parabens. They have been found to act like oestrogen in the body, potentially interfering with hormones.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) is a surfactant found in some skincare products. This contains coconut oil and is natural in origin, but is turned into a chemical compound before use in skincare and other products.

Why steer clear of SLS?

Links have been found between SLS and skin irritation, dryness and irritants. But there’s also been concerns that SLS can become a carcinogenic when mixed with other chemicals.

Petrochemicals are also very common in skincare products, and they too can have an adverse effect on our hormones. Such components are in many skincare products on the shelves of your local health store, chemist or supermarket. So seeking alternative approaches to your skincare routine will have a number of positive benefits.

The Natural Way

Adopting a natural skincare approach is the best way to avoid all those unwanted chemicals and substances that have the potential to damage your skin over time. By using natural and organic products, you can avoid exposure to unwanted chemicals and components and only use things that will do your skin good. For example, tea tree oil is used in a variety of natural skincare products for its anti-inflammatory properties which can help acne prone skin.

Jojoba oil is another wonderful addition to your skincare routine. Made from the nut of the jojoba plant, jojoba oil is moisturising, antibacterial, antioxidising and hypoallergenic. If you struggle with dry skin or acne, jojoba oil can allow your skin to breathe and avoid unwanted build ups in pores that lead to break outs.

Natural skincare at Evolution Organics 

To develop your own natural skincare routine, you need to find top quality natural skincare products. Evolution Organics is a great option here. With a host of great items, we can help you put together the kind of skincare routine you’ve always wanted.

With more than 400 products available in our range, it’s easy to find natural skincare products that can help you feel enlivened and looking great.

Our range contains a selection of facial cleansers and facial toners, moisturising creams as well (and most importantly), natural, aluminium free deodorant!

We stock products from a host of leading brands in the natural skincare sector. These include Alitura Naturals, UpCircle, Thursday Plantation, Alba Botanica, Dr Mercola Healthy Skin and Green People.

And what’s more, if you are keen to enjoy planet-friendly beauty, brands like Preserve and We Love the Planet are great skincare options for you, offering eco-friendly and zero waste deodorants and more.

There’s a true multitude of natural skincare products available at Evolution Organics. Take a look through and find your best option today.