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Our tips for taking care of your gut health

Our tips for taking care of your gut health

26th Aug 2020

Our bodies are finely composed machines that contain a myriad of different functions and capabilities. But a lot of these functions are somewhat intertwined with one another. In order for some to work efficiently, others have to be operating as you would want them too.

This is why we can sometimes feel grim and groggy, but not quite put our finger on exactly what is causing us to feel that way. The likely answer is because one of our main systems is not quite right. And a big culprit in this scenario is our gut. The human gut and digestive system can be a complicated thing. 

There are many factors at play, and it’s also hugely active in the sense that it is usually working to some degree, and ensuring that our bodies get the most out of what we eat and drink.

This all means that if there is a problem of any kind, that can have many potential ramifications. This is why ensuring positive gut health is important.

Have you got good gut health?

You might not know the answer to this question straight off the bat, but there are some ways of getting a feel for what is going on inside you when it comes to your digestion. 

Signs of non-ideal gut health include expected things like stomach pain or discomfort, bloating, burping, or constipation. But there are other signs that may not be quite so obvious. These include changes in your weight that you’re not looking for, feeling tired, having difficulty sleeping, and autoimmune conditions. 

If this sounds like you on any level, then addressing possible gut health issues or just improving your gut health generally can see you turn a corner in a positive way.

Quick ways to improve your gut health

There are definite lifestyle changes that can help enhance your gut health and help you make quick improvements. One is by trying to lower your stress levels, as stress can aggravate your gut and bring on unwanted effects. Sleeping better, like with a lot of things, will also help your gut health in the long term. 

There are also simple things that you can do when you are eating and drinking. With the latter, staying hydrated is vital for good all-round health anyway. But drinking plenty of water can also help with the digestive process.  

When you are eating be sure to take your time. Don’t wolf things down! Chew thoroughly in order to not bombard your stomach and gut with too much all at once. 

 Also look to identify foods that don’t agree with you and that you can align with feelings of digestive discomfort. Once identified, consider alternatives or cutting down on how much of it you eat. 

Get a helping hand with gut health supplements

There are a number of products out there that can prove beneficial to your gut health, and at Evolution Organics we have a host of gut health supplements from tried and tested suppliers. 

Our range covers a number of different types of gut health supplements. There are enzymes, which are catalysts that increase the rate of virtually all biochemical reactions that happen in our bodies, including those that are part of the digestive process. Prebiotics and probiotics are another gut health supplement which help support positive digestion, while fibre supplements have a similarly positive effect.  

Then there are the colon cleanse and enema supplies supplements we stock. These might not be glamourous, but they can certainly help tackle problematic parts of your digestive system and get things functioning as you’d like them to.

Our range covers all these bases, with excellent products from the likes of ION*Biome, Enzymedica, Garden of Life, Nutri Advanced, Purelife Health and many more brilliant suppliers.  

You can find out more about our delivery options here, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact the Evolution Organics team.