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Alkalising Detoxification

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The average person’s diet consists of a wide variety of food types and ingredients, each of which has an effect on the environment created within our bodies.

By creating an alkaline environment in the body, a number of potential benefits may be realised. Our health can be drastically improved by lowering the amount of acidity in our systems and neutralising this through promoting an alkaline environment.

Essentially, each item of food we eat leaves a type of ‘mark’ on your stomach. Acidic foods will leave an ‘acidic mark’ that can make you more prone to illness and disease.

By contrast, alkalising foods leave an ‘alkaline mark’ that is thought to be protective for the body. This means that by adding food and supplements with high levels of alkaline contained therein, it could be possible to boost your health and create a better bodily environment.

At Evolution Organics, we offer a wide range of products aimed at alkalising the environment within your body and helping you realise the potential health benefits.

Our alkalising range includes products from trusted suppliers including Pukka, Amazing Grass, Santevia Enhanced Water and Synergy Natural.

We stock alkalising green powder blends, water filters and multinutrient products that can support alkalising your body’s environment, so be sure to take a look through our range and find the perfect buy for you.