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BetterYou Roald Dahl Inspired Kids Collection

BetterYou Roald Dahl Inspired Kids Collection

Posted by Emma Nolan on 7th Apr 2022

BetterYou have created a range of children’s supplements that provides a fuss-free way to give your children their vitamins every day! Inspired by some of the most popular Roald Dahl characters to bring a unique range to support children’s health, wellbeing and sleep. The range includes tasty flavours in a novel spray form. making taking vitamins fun!  

The 'BGF' Magnesium Sleep Range

Available in a body spray, body lotion or whizz-popping bath flakes (Yes, you heard rigth popping candy bath flakes!) for extra bathtime fun.

A dream-inducing, relaxing range that prepares your titchy little snapperwhippers for sleep.

The 'James and the Giant Peach' Immune Health Spray

Tailored nutritional support for young immune systems, containing an expert blend of five immune supporting ingredients, including vitamin D, selenium and zinc.

A scrumptious raspberry, grape and orange flavour

The 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' Vitamin D & K2 Spray

An expert blend of vitamins D3 and K2 to support immune health and the development of healthy bones and teeth.

Scrumdiddlyumptious blueberry bubblegum flavour

The 'Matilda' Multivitamin Spray

14 essential nutrients specially formulated for picky diets – providing perfectly balanced nutritional support for growing bodies.

A scrumptious chocolate and marshmallow flavour

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