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Product Review - JASON SkinCare... Inspired By Nature

Product Review - JASON SkinCare... Inspired By Nature

Posted by Marie-Eve Maitland on 22nd Feb 2022

At Evolution Organics, we are committed to only stocking the best of the best. From vitamin and proteins, to pet wellbeing and of course (and because - 70% of everything you put on your skin ends up IN your body) the best, most natural skincare. The majority of skincare ranges contain high levels of toxic chemicals but not JASON. We're thrilled to be stocking JASON.

JĀSÖN, high-performance and wholesome Ingredients Inspired by nature.

  • No parabens - sulfates - phthalates - petrolatum
  • Vegan & certified cruelty-free
  • The power of the earth's incredible botanicals

I have been interested (and worked) in everything natural and organic for the last 15 years. This started at home as a child. My mum would make everything from scratch, made some (something questionable) juices (we had the biggest juicer you could imagine!) and we re-use absolutely everything. And then there was my grandmother... She didn't believe in modern medicine. When I stayed with her, if I got unwell, she had all these home remedies from oats in my bath (which I still use) to mustard on my chest if I had chest infection or the slightest of cough (which I haven't used).

Using natural ingredients to make your own shampoo, facewash, toner and soap at home in amazing but if I'm honest I don't have the time or the inclination. Also, getting the raw ingredients and molds can be expensive to start with. With JĀSÖN, what you get is incredible products that  truly work. While many big companies routinely rely on a mix of chemicals to create their ‘miracle’ formulas, JĀSÖN has been delivering wholesome, results-driven blends without harmful ingredients since day one.

JASON... our commitment to safety

"Your health is at the heart of everything we do. Setting the industry standard in safety testing, we assess the preservative efficacy, skin irritation and formula stability of all our products. Starting by selecting only the purest, gentlest ingredients, we then put them through a series of rigorous testing procedures that reflect our high standards.

Because new information is always becoming available, we are constantly evaluating our ingredient research and ensuring all our products are as safe and wholesome as you deserve."

With this in mind and because we love to try ne products, here is our review on some of their range. This is reviewed by a few of us in the office

JĀSÖN Glowing Apricot & White Tea Body Wash - I have used this for years. I used it even before we sold it. Really lathers beautifully (I used a natural sponge) and smalls incredible.

JĀSÖN Deodorant Stick Nourishing Apricot - the smell is as good as the body wash above. It really works too. I even used it when I went to the gym for a work out. Great for battling odors, all day. And no aluminium!

JĀSÖN Softening Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion - smells great, and my skin felt nourished.

JĀSÖN Castor Oil (ShampooConditioner) - smells lovely, floral. Lathers nicely and definitively tamed it down but didn't weighed it down. Amanda used both shampoo and conditioner.

JĀSÖN Kids Only Extra Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner - tear free! It really is. My daughter was 6 years old when we started using it and she can attest that it truly is. Smell really good too (it seems to be a common theme for their whole range. 

Have a look at the whole range HERE - we hope you like it as much as we all do.