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What goes into Vegan Protein Supplements?

What goes into Vegan Protein Supplements?

Posted by Marie-Eve Maitland on 26th Mar 2019

Many of the most well-known ’complete protein’ foods that contain all essential amino acids aren’t vegan. This would include white meats, red meats and fish for example.

If you’re enjoying a vegan diet, consuming enough protein-rich foods to support muscle growth and maintenance can be challenging.

However, fear not. It’s easy to get the desired amounts of protein in your diet by finding suitable supplements and alternative sources.

Evolution Organics has created this simple resource to help you understand the best sources for vegan protein, both from food and our favourite vegan supplements to help you thrive.


An increasingly popular superfood over recent years, we’re sure that you’ve heard about quinoa’s remarkable nutritional profile. Rich in minerals, flavonoids, fibre and antioxidants, quinoa also boasts one of the best protein profiles we’ve seen in a food.

Containing all 9 essential amino acids, as well as around 5% protein by weight, quinoa is the perfect addition to any meal and tastes great served hot or cold. Why not try adding some to your next lunchtime salad, or serving hot with chilli as a replacement for white rice?

Many of the vegan protein supplements we stock contain quinoa as an ingredient to enhance their amino acid profile, including SunWarrior Classic Plus and SunWarrior Sol Good.


Buckwheat, contrary to its name, is not wheat at all. It is a complete protein which is completely gluten-free.

Buckwheat is a cereal which contains moderate amounts of protein. It’s rich in fibre and has the nice addition of starchy carbs to keep you going without unwanted spikes in blood-sugar levels.

You’ll find buckwheat in many of our most popular protein supplements, including Garden of Life Organic.

Rice and Beans

Okay, technically not one food, but rice and beans make for such a fantastic vegan protein combo. We just had to include them on this list!

Many beans lack specific amino acids, but are rich in others. Rice is the perfect counter-balance and is full of the remaining nutrients, but lacks those present in beans. When combined, you get a real vegan powerhouse, loaded with healthy carbohydrates.

Rice and beans are ingredients in many of our best protein supplements, including Garden of Life Fit.

Plenty of Options

If you’re looking to buy vegan protein products, there is a host of options in our range – all from suppliers that we trust and work closely with. These include Vivo Life, SunWarrior and Motion Nutrition and many more.

And if you’re in need of a shaker bottle for your vegan supplements, why not buy our own Evolution Organics model?

There’s plenty of other supplements for you to pick from within our protein range, so find what you need today.

Have any further questions about vegan protein or diet? Why not leave a comment below? We’d love to hear from you.