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Winter Skin Saviours

Winter Skin Saviours

Posted by Emma Nolan on 23rd Oct 2022

We are now headed into the winter months, and along with that comes the cold weather. I know for me this means my skin becomes alot drier and can look a bit dull. With this in mind I always alter my skincare routine to include some rich creams and serums. These products are rich and provide a much needed hydration boost without clogging pores. The brands mentioned use natural ingredients that are dermatologically tested and offer many different benefits.

Also, more often than not we have skincare routines for the face but forget the body, so we have included some our favourites to add to your regimen. Finally we have included a simple, quick DIY face mask with only three ingredients that is definitely worth a try for you next pamper evening!

So, why not change up your routine today and find your new favourite product!


Moisturiser creates a barrier between your skin and the climate, including cold, dry air. Incorporating moisturiser into your morning and evening routine can help reduce dryness and revive the skin. Get the glow everyday by using light but hydrating mositurisers in the morning and ultra-rich creams at night. You can also include serums which should be applied before moisturiser for an extra hydration boost!

Morning Skincare

Add C-Effects™ Crème to your skincare routine and enjoy a brighter and more glowing complexion. The potent daily dose of concentrated multi-antioxidant, stable form of Vitamin C (known as Ester-C) instantly boots skin radiance, minimises dark spots and targets hyperpigmentation, evens out the skin-tone and smooths.

Master moisture for complexion perfection. Infused with the tropical oils of jojoba, sweet almond and kukui along with vitamin E, jasmine and papaya extracts, this formula nourishes, hydrates and softens without making skin feel heavy or greasy while also creating a smooth finish. Aloha beautiful!

A light anti-aging moisturiser to hydrate, nourish and revive the complexion. Revolutionary antioxidant Vinanza Grape keeps your skin healthy and energised. Native New Zealand manuka honey has potent anti-blemish properties to help keep skin clear and fresh.
Meanwhile, rosehip's high levels of Vitamin A and C and essential fatty acids lends itself to this hydrating day cream, helping to reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles.

Evening Skincare

This ultra-rich, nourishing night cream harnesses the powers of innovative skincare ingredients, Avocado Pear Night Cream can make a welcome addition to an anti-aging skincare routine and a skincare routine for dry skin.

The Alitura night cream boosts skin regeneration and stimulates collagen growth while you sleep. An ultra-rich night cream enriched with a super hydrator of 10% hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-rich botanicals.

Lightweight and fast absorbing, this super serum quenches thirsty skin, while helping to improve your skin's radiance over time. Revolutionary antioxidant rich Vinanza® Grape from New Zealand helps offer resistance to environmental aggressors and pollutants, which may lead to diminished skin appearance.


At Evolution Organics we have a selection of rich creams that target the undereye and any concerns you may have. Eye creams can hydrate the undereye area and may even help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

World-renowned manuka honey from New Zealand boasts potent moisturising properties to hydrate and freshen the under-eye area in this vegetarian eye cream - Manuka Honey Skin Brightening Eye Cream. Targets dark circles, brightens, and moisturises the delicate under-eye area.

Soften your eye area with this solid care product infused with Immortelle essential oil, a flower with proven skin care benefits. Immortelle flower never wilts, even after being picked. Borage oil offers a balanced concentration of omega-6 and cocoa butter known for its antioxidant properties.

Harnessing the natural power of kiwifruit, Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream is luscious yet light and provides a cooling, soothing application for the delicate eye area. A cult cream with Vitamin C-rich kiwi seed oil to hydrate and target fine lines.


Body creams seal moisture into the skin to prevent drying, soften rough elbows and heels, along with other dry areas of the skin. A quality body lotion can work wonders on dehydrated skin that feels rough, and hand body lotion works especially well on the hands and feet, but can be applied all over the body.

Amp-up your daily skincare routine with our Age Renewal Moisturizing Crème that is infused with vitamin-E. Renowned for its hydrating and rejuvenating properties, vitamin-E is a wonder ingredient that helps to boost skin's moisture levels so it looks firmer and plumper.

Nourish and hydrate skin with good ingredients: organic jojoba oil to heal and soothe, organic coconut oil to moisturize, organic hemp and avocado oils to keep skin smooth and supple. Good for most skin types, sensitive-dry-rough-or combination. We use only organic essential oils for fragrance. Breathe deeply!

An antioxidant-rich organic body lotion deeply moisturizes and brightens your skin with a velvety-rich texture. Acting as a “second skin,” this blend protects from harsh environmental toxins and preserves skin integrity to reduce the appearance of sun damage. This natural lotion boasts organic rosehips, Australian sandalwood, vanilla, neroli, nutritive plant elements to leave your skin feeling rich in silky.

Gift Sets

Why not give the gift of healthy skin or complete your own skincare regime with these specialised gift sets – these sets make it easy to discover, experiment, and treat.

DIY Brightening and Detox Facemask


  1. 2 tablespoons Dr Mercola Aloe Vera Gel
  2. 1 tablespoon honey (natural, manuka)
  3. 1-2 teaspoons spirulina powder


  1. Mix all of the ingredients to form a paste.
  2. Apply a thin layer to skin 2-3 times a week (the recipe lasted me 2 weeks in the fridge)
  3. Leave to dry for 15-20 minutes
  4. Remove with a warm cloth
  5. Leave the skin makeup free and lotion free for at least 30 minutes.

*If you are lucky enough to use fresh Aloe Vera, you will need to put it in a blender until smooth.

If you haven't found what you are looking for here, or would like to discover all the wonderful skincare products we stock see below.