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Vegan Sport Protein

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Plant based proteins are rapidly increasing in popularity as we become ever more aware of the essential health benefits of getting not only a good balance of protein into our diets but also proteins from the best possible bioavailable sources. Vegan proteins are an excellent option if you want to stay clear of whey protein although, all the ones we sell are organic / natural and cold processed - the best!

Vegan protein supplements are on the rise due to the countless benefits they offer over more traditional alternatives. For instance, compared to whey protein supplements, vegan protein supplements are gluten and dairy-free, and so are often better for those with sensitive stomachs.

They also contain fiber and enzymes which actively aid digestion and absorption. These supplements can be used just as you would use traditional alternatives. So whether you want to take them before a workout or after one, the choice is yours, depending on the type of protein supplements you opt for.

At Evolution Organics, we have a vast variety of vegan protein supplements from industry-leading names like Living Fuel, Vega, Vivo Life and many more.

Some of our products such as the Vega Plant Based Clean Protein are also available in multiple flavours so you can choose your favourites, or try something new. Vega created clean protein supplements to support lean muscle development all from a plant-based source. These are low in sugars, high in protein and are gluten-free.

Vivo Life also shares a similar mission statement. They aim to supply 100% plant-based health and fitness products, with no artificial colours or flavours. Our Vivo Life PERFORM Raw Plant Protein Powder & BCAA is a superfood for men and women. These are available in a number of flavours and are ideal to accelerate recovery after working out.

At Evolution Organics, we stock the finest vegan protein supplements so view the full range below and take your pick.