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Top 5 Krill Oil benefits

Top 5 Krill Oil benefits

Posted by Henry Maitland on 19th Feb 2019

Most people will have heard of Krill but might not know the potential health benefits this small crustacean presents.

Krill oil is rich in certain fats, proteins and ingredients that can be highly useful from a health perspective.

In our latest blog, we’ve picked out some of the key reasons you should consider stocking up on Krill oil products, and the potential benefits you and your family might feel.

  1. Krill oil can help support a healthy heart - Omega-3 can help lower rates of heart disease, and Krill oil is packed full of this helpful ingredient. By adding Krill oil to your diet, you give yourself the chance to improve the health of your heart. Krill oil can help reduce fat and cholesterol generally, while also adding to your levels of good cholesterol. Additional benefits in this area include helping to lower blood pressure and enhance glucose tolerance.
  2. Tackle inflammation and the effects of arthritis - Studies have found that Krill oil can have a reductive effect on c-reactive protein – an indicator of inflammation. Additionally, the Omega-3 in Krill oil is thought to lower the body’s levels of cytokine. This can help support arthritis treatment, and also reduce feelings of pain, ache and stiffness in the body.
  3. A viable alternative to fish oil - You might well have used fish oils in the past, and these certainly can bring multiple benefits to your health. But Krill oil has been found to be more quickly absorbed by the body. This means that EPA and DHA – the two Omega-3 packed acids found in both Krill oil and fish oil – can be absorbed into your system with greater ease and efficiency. So if you’re seeking an alternative to fish oil, Krill oil can certainly fit the bill.
  4. Support weight loss - Krill oil has been reported to have an impact on what is known as the endocannabinoid or EC pathway. In simple terms, this is the part of your brain that controls your appetite. The theory is that the lower your Omega-3 levels are, the higher your appetite is. So by using krill oil to heighten those Omega-3 levels, you can reduce your appetite and prevent those thoughts about cakes and doughnuts becoming too overwhelming. This means that if you’re looking to lose some weight, adding Krill oil to your diet could prove very beneficial.
  5. Easy to get hold of - If all of the above sounds like the kind of thing you want to add to your day-to-day, it’s easy to find the best Krill oil supplements for your needs at Evolution Organics. We stock a fine selection of gels, capsules and liquid supplements that can make it easy to add Krill oil to your day and feel the benefits across the family.

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