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Raw Vegan

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Plant based proteins are rapidly increasing in popularity as we become ever more aware of the essential health benefits of getting not only a good balance of protein into our diets but also proteins from the best possible bioavailable sources. Vegan proteins are an excellent option if you want to stay clear of whey protein although, all the ones we sell are organic / natural and cold processed - the best!

A raw vegan diet consists of opting for unprocessed, raw vegan foods that have not been heated above a certain temperature, usually between 40-48°C. Many believe that heating foods above this temperature may lead to them losing their enzymes and nutritional value.

If you are considering adopting a raw vegan diet or looking to add some raw vegan protein to your diet, we have an excellent range of raw vegan protein products to help you with this.

Our range features raw vegan protein powders from leading brands such as Garden of Life, PuraDyme, Vega any many more.

Be sure to also check out the Endoca Organic Hemp Protein. This includes 100% raw organic hemp seed protein powder and works just as well with milk or water. If you’re just starting out on your health improvement journey, we have put together a fantastic Ultimate Health Starter Pack to help you begin your journey.

Browse our full range of raw vegan protein products below.