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Vitamins and Minerals G-M

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In an ideal world, we would daily gain from the food we eat all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements we need for optimum performance and maintenance of our bodies and minds. Unfortunately, we don't currently Iive in such a utopia. Added to which, depletion of the soil, due to decades of intensive farming practices, has led to a profound reduction in key minerals – 'essentials' such as magnesium. This has resulted in a regrettable situation where we're not always able to rely on adequate levels of nutrients in our plant crops (in the same way our parents and grandparents could).

The good news is there is help at hand. And, with a little knowledge, it's easy to make proactive health choices to support our individual nutritional needs, health and life stages. 

The vitamin, mineral and supplement market can be a confusing place. Many will, at first, opt for a multi-vitamin and mineral product, with levels at recommended daily amounts, which can be on the low side for anything other than basic maintenance in an otherwise healthy individual. As many come to supplementation as a way to manage more complex health issues and life challenges (often via recommendation from health practitioners and therapists), it becomes necessary to have more therapeutic and reliably researched products – products that offer optimal levels of supplementation, and where necessary, combine with supporting elements for enhanced effect and absorption. For example, take these Terranova Easy Iron Complex capsules, which are available to purchase from us TODAY.  As well as being non-constipating, they are enhanced with highly active, whole and unadulterated superfoods and botanicals.

Why is organic better?

By switching to organic, we can be more reassured of investing in the best quality ingredients with environmentally-friendlier credentials. It’s as true for supplements as organic foods. With the added bonus, organic supplements are often also free from:

    • gluten
    • dairy
    • yeast, and
    • soya

When budgeting for healthier products, it makes sense to extend the choice to the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are the building blocks of our health.