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Krill Oil and Fish Oil - Which is right for you?

Krill Oil and Fish Oil - Which is right for you?

10th Dec 2019

The natural world is full of incredible wonders. With so many fantastic creatures, plants and materials out there, it’s easy to spend hours wondering over everything the world possesses.

It’s also an interesting thing to consider your own relation to all this. Your body is a natural entity, and it interacts with other natural entities every day. 

The air we breathe. The water we drink. The food we eat. Take the time to consider for a moment the number of ways we interact with the natural elements of the world we encounter.

Now also consider the fact that there are things out in the planet we don’t encounter every day. In the world’s oceans, there are millions of creatures that all form part of the rich natural ecosystem. You might not see them for yourself (apart from on nature documentaries of course), but such creatures can actually be of use to yourself.

By harnessing the benefits of oils from fish and krill for example, you can realise health benefits in your day to day life. In our latest Evolution Organics blog, we look at how fish oils and krill oils can help you and provide a host of benefits to your day to day life.

What is Krill Oil?

Krill oil is derived from krill - a small crustacean found throughout the world’s oceans. They are one of the most populous creatures on planet earth, and are quite low down on the food chain. 

Krill oil can be beneficial to our health in a number of ways. The oil is rich in certain fats and proteins, allowing your body to benefit from having it in your system. 

One of the real health benefits of krill oil is what it can do for your heart health. Krill oil is jam packed with Omega-3. This is a massive bonus for anybody looking to enhance their Omega-3 fatty acid levels and reap the benefits for their internal health. 

Krill oil also has anti inflammatory benefits, with studies showing that krill oil can have a reductive effect on c-reactive proteins in the body. These proteins are linked with inflammation and by taking krill oil, it’s possible to limit their wider effects and get yourself into a better physical position. 

Additionally, if you’re looking to shed a few pounds, krill oil can be hugely beneficial. There are reports suggesting that krill oil can impact your endocannabinoid or EC pathway. This is the part of your brain that takes care of your appetite. 

The way this is reported to work is that the higher your Omega-3 levels are, the lower your appetite tends to be. That means that if you’re aiming for weight loss, krill oil can be a positive bit of help.

What is Fish Oil?  

Fish oil is another form of health supplement that can bring a host of positives to you. 

Fish oils are associated with a wide range of health benefits. So if you’re not overly keen on eating fish or not able to get much oily fish into your diet, these supplements are a great way to get the benefits without the hassle.

Benefits and effects of fish oils include potential enhancements to heart health and reducing the risk of heart attacks, as well as links to helping raise levels of good cholesterol. Fish oils have also been found to potentially enhance triglycerides levels. These are a type of fat in the blood, that are released to provide energy between the meals we eat.

There’s also evidence that fish oils can play a role in supporting your mental health and wellbeing. For example, how much of your brain do you think is comprised of omega-3 fatty acids? You might not have realised there was any at all, but 60% of your brain is fat, and much of this fat is omega-3 fatty acids.

Probably the most well known fish oil is cod liver oil, but there are plenty of other options too to help you get the kind of benefits you need. 

Differences between fish oil and krill oil

There’s a fair number of similarities between fish oil and krill oil, but there are a few subtle differences too. Generally, krill oil may be easier to absorb into the body. This allows for you to benefit from the oil’s positive qualities and help you reap the rewards more quickly.

Fish oils are generally easier to get hold of, and in many instances actually cost less. That means that if you’ve used anything of this nature in the past, it was probably a form of fish oil. Therefore if you want to stick with what you know, maybe opt for fish oil. But if you want to try something new, krill oil might be the way to go.

Though both have been aligned with heart health, krill oil is perhaps the better option due to its ability to lower triglycerides and blood sugar levels.

Making your selection

The various benefits of both fish oil and krill oil have been fairly well outlined above, and you may already have a certain type of item in mind. It all depends on the kind of benefits you’re looking to gain and whether you’re looking to address something specific or just boost your overall well-being. At Evolution Organics, whichever route you choose to go down, there’s a great selection of both krill oil and fish oils for you to choose from. 

Our Krill Oil range

Krill oil isn’t always the most readily available product, and you might not find it on the shelves of your local chemist or supermarket. But at Evolution Organics, we are able to provide you with the kind of tailored offering that can help you make an informed decision.

Our krill oil selection includes products from trusted suppliers, including Love Life Supplements and Cleanmarine.

We have dedicated krill oil products for kids, for men and for women, as well as Cardio 40+.   

So if you’ve got your mind set on krill oil, be sure to browse through the full selection we have available.

Our Fish Oil range

Though fish oils are generally easier to get hold of, you still want the best of what’s available. We have a great choice of fish oils from a host of trusted manufacturers. You can pick up products from Cleanmarine, Eskimo 3 Fish Oil and Nutri Advanced by shopping with us. These fish oil supplements come oozing with vitamins and good stuff, and can be a positive addition to anybody’s day to day. 

Shop with Evolution Organics

Our krill oil and fish oil supplements form part of our wider fats, oils and butters range. You can pick up plant-based, butter-based and coconut and derivative products from Evolution Organics.

While our products can be useful and helpful, if you are seriously worried about a health issue we do advise you to seek medical advice. And there are also potential side effects from taking too much krill or fish oil, including stomach problems. So be careful not to overdo it! Be sure to take a browse through the wide selection of other products that we have available. Our commitment to true natural health has allowed us to put together a great range of items that can help you make a positive change to your day.

And if you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch with the Evolution Organics team.