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Discover our new range from Nordiq Nutrition

Discover our new range from Nordiq Nutrition

22nd Jun 2020

At Evolution Organics, we’re not ones to rest on our laurels. We know the range of products we have available is helping people up and down the UK and around the world, but we also want to help people to try new things, broaden their horizons and find the perfect combination of factors to allow them to live a full and happy life.

This is why we are always on the lookout for new products, ranges and brands to add to our online store.

In this spirit, we’re delighted to add a brilliant collection of products from Nordiq Nutrition to the range of health supplements we have available.

Nordiq Nutrition is a Finnish company that has been operating since 2017. They have a superb selection of food supplements that can make a difference across a range of areas, and are the perfect fit for the Evolution Organics online store. One of the most appealing things about Nordiq Nutrition is that their range of health supplements is suitable for vegans, is organic, and is made using no additives. 

Their products are all: 

  • Excipient free
  • Sugar free
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Soya free
  • Yeast free

So how do their products boost you? One way is through a process called Hormesis, which is supported by the plants and herbs that are used within the company’s products. Hormesis is all about using either external or internal stimuli to bring about a positive change in the body. This might be related to your immune system for example, or perhaps your energy levels.

This is how Nordiq Nutrition’s range can give you a boost.

At Evolution Organics, we stock Nordiq Nutrition products that can support with:

  • Cognitive function
  • Digestive support
  • Joint care
  • Skincare
  • Sleep support

And a number of other areas to boost. 

Be sure to browse through the full Nordiq Nutrition range to find the best products for you.