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Vitamins and Minerals N-Z

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It would be wonderful if every vitamin, mineral and trace element we needed on a daily basis could be drawn and optimally utilised from the food that we eat. Alas, that’s rarely the case. Yes, choosing organic goes a long way to ensuring we get as much as we can from our diets, but sometimes that’s still not enough. Occasionally, ill health and other life stresses present, and we need a little extra support – support in the form of more concentrated nutrition, to help us on the road to recovery or back into balance.

Many will reach for vitamin C when the common cold strikes. That's a good choice, but sometimes not well tolerated in the higher doses that may be needed to tackle a virus (especially for those with conditions exacerbated by excess gut or blood acidity). Happily, there are other options, including zinc.

With its ability to gently boost the immune system, as with the popular herb Echinacea, if taken at first onset zinc may help prevent further symptoms developing. It might also reduce the severity and duration of illness.

Not limited to supporting immune system functioning, zinc comes into its own as one of the most important supplements for male reproductive health and fertility, which has dramatically declined over the past fifty years. This is possibly due to increased oestrogen and oestrogen-mimicking substances in the environment.

These Terranova Zinc 15mg Complex capsules are available to purchase from us TODAY.  As well as playing an important role in immune function, the capsules can be integral to protein synthesis, wound healing, DNA synthesis, and cell division.

Why is organic better?

It may be tempting to view vitamins, minerals and trace elements as a place to make potential savings, where we wouldn’t in respect of other food and drink choices. But if you consider them as the highly concentrated nutritional support they are (and bear in mind the commitment to excellence and ethics most manufacturers of organic products employ), it makes sense to extend organic choices to supplementation, too.