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Your Guide to Probiotics

Your Guide to Probiotics

Posted by Marie-Eve Maitland on 22nd Feb 2023

Think of your body as a machine. If you put bad things into that machine, things will clog up and stop working as well as they should. But if you put good things in, things it needs, things that will keep it functioning and running well, that’s a positive. One such positive addition are probiotics.

You’ve likely heard of probiotics, but you might not know the ins and outs of what they bring to your body. So, in the latest Evolution Organics blog, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to what probiotics are, what they can do, and how you can get the right levels into your system. Read on to find out more.

The Science of Probiotics

It’s a good idea to get an understanding of what probiotics are and what their role is.

Probiotics are live types of bacteria and yeast. They’re usually referred to as good bacteria, or friendly bacteria, because they help your body functions in several ways. Much of the benefits of probiotics is to do with your digestive system and the way your body digests food.

The Benefits of Probiotics

1st – Probiotic will help to rebalance your gut bacteria which is essential for our body to work at its best.

The gut will break down the food and supplements you ingest and absorb its nutrients and from that help to “feed” your body’s functions.

2nd – Prevent many digestive issues such as diarrhoea, constipation, bloating and even IBS.

If you have ANY digestive discomfort, worth trying probiotics before anything else. An Everyday from Optibac or Bio-Kult for at least 3 months.

3rd – Improve your mental wellbeing.

An increasing number of researches link gut health to mood and mental health and studies have shown that increasing the amount of probiotics for as little as 6 weeks can improve anxiety, depression, and memory.

4th – Probiotics ave a positive affect on skin issues.  

Probiotics are live bacteria that support the healthy bacteria in your body.

Studies indicates that probiotics may help prevent and treat skin conditions including eczema, acne, dry skin, and UV-induced skin damage.

And there’s lot more that probiotics can do:
  • they will improve your sleep
  • can reduce anxiety
  • make low level food intolerances a thing of the past
  • increase the absorption of everything you ingest

Why Add Probiotics to Your Diet?

If probiotics are a form of good bacteria, you can’t really have too much of a good thing. Obviously don’t overdo it and start eating 100 yoghurts a day. But bringing probiotics into your system can allow you to start alleviating potential health issues you are facing.
If you often find yourself feeling bloated or heavy, and that your digestive system isn’t performing quite as you’d like it to, a probiotic could be beneficial.
Equally if you’re on a bit of a health kick and are seeking ways to improve your all round feeling of wellness, probiotic foods or probiotic supplements can be a perfect addiiton.
If your digestive system isn’t operating well then that can leave you feeling drained and tired in ways you may not have realised. So by making small tweaks, it’s possible to realise potentially big benefits. Of course, if you are really struggling with a certain issue, then the best approach is talking to your doctor to check there’s no underlying problems. But for smaller issues, simply adding probiotics to your diet can be a step in the right direction.

How to Bring More Probiotics Into Your Life

We’ve covered the why’s and the what’s of probiotics here and looked to address any questions you may have had about them. But the big question remains how to get more into your system and how to start reaping the benefits of probiotics for yourself.

At Evolution Organics, we have a range of probiotics that can help you enjoy the benefits of this good bacteria and soon feel better and refreshed. Evolution Organics’ choice of vitamins and supplements includes a vast number of probiotic options, allowing you to make a positive addition to your diet and enjoy better gut health.

Where to Start?

With products from the likes of Bio Kult, Optibac, BiOptimizers, PuraDyme, Terranova, and Enzymedica available in our range, it’s easy to get hold of the kind of high-quality items that can make a real difference.

To start, we recommend a 3 month course, taking your probiotic every day. After that, if you feel better and there's no discomfort, you can reduce to every other day and if you still feel good, maybe every now and then.

Personally, and from having spoken to many customers over my years in this field, after a 3 month course, you might only need to take it in time of high stress, when taking any medications or when travelling.

Our Team's Top Pick:

... And for a probiotic formula with a difference, we have Living Nutrtion, with their FLORA range.

"Your Flora Regenesis is a Living Culture Symbiotic based on a unique formulation, providing a complete ecosystem of microbes, colonising factors, and other compounds to nourish your unique microbiome. Regenesis is specifically designed to help regenerate the digestive environment."

Our team is always willing to offer guidance and advice on what might work best for you and how our range can help you lead a healthier, happier life.

So feel free to get in touch and we can guide in the right direction towards better all round health.