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When should you be taking vitamins?

When should you be taking vitamins?

Posted by Henry Maitland on 19th Feb 2019

Buying vitamins and supplements and looking to make a positive addition to your day-to-day living is a great thing to do. We’re huge advocates of making sure all those health benefits from such products are felt to their fullest extent, and believe that what might seem like a small decision can make a big difference in this area.

However, it’s not simply a case of taking a vitamin or supplement and that being that. Due to the intricacies and vagaries of the human body, taking such products at certain times can help you to truly feel their fullest impact.

To help ensure you get the most out of your latest vitamin purchase, Evolution Organics has put together this useful guide on when to take what.


Any product rich in iron is best taken on an empty stomach and goes really well with anything that is high in Vitamin C. So if you’ve recently stocked up on iron supplements, the best time to take them is probably first thing in the morning, and a glass of orange juice can help support the absorption of the supplement into the body’s system.

Vitamin D

Pretty much the opposite of the above is the best way to take products rich in Vitamin D. These are best consumed alongside a meal that contains fat.

This means that Vitamin D supplements are probably best consumed alongside dinner. But if you happen to be a particularly late eater, then reconsider. Vitamin D can impact your melatonin levels, meaning sleep might not come so easily.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is something you can take without food but can potentially be uncomfortable for those with a sensitive stomach when taken in high dosages.

This means it’s best to separate your consumption of Vitamin C supplements across the day. This should prevent any gastric discomfort, and allow you to reap the benefits of such supplements, including heightened blood levels, all day long.

Vitamin E

A Vitamin E supplement can really help toughen you up. Your immune system can be enhanced, while your cells can be better protected from damage and blood vessels can be widened.

It’s best to take Vitamin E supplements alongside meals containing fat – so lunch or dinner likely fits the bill here.


We’re big fans of probiotics here at Evolution Organics, but stomach acids unfortunately are not. They can take exception to probiotic supplements and render them moot.

That means that the best time to take probiotics is when your stomach acid levels, digestive enzymes and bile salts are all low – so first thing in the morning.

Pick up Vitamins and Supplements

These are just some of the commonly purchased and used vitamins and supplements in our range here at Evolution Organics. Whenever adding a product of this nature to your diet, be sure to conduct a little research about when to take them and what to avoid taking them alongside.

Be sure to browse through our range and if you have any questions, get in touch on 0345 3700 006 or at