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Sport Protein Snacks and Bars

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Whether your personal choice leans towards the traditional bar, or you prefer the modern ball, sports-performance protein snacks are BIG nutritional news: a healthy way to replenish and re-energise after training, a workout, or just during a demanding day at the office. Take these Cacao Orange Protein Burst Bounce Balls available to purchase from us. They’re packed with antioxidant minerals, such as copper, manganese and magnesium.

With the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates, fat and fibre, plus the addition of carefully selected “super foods” (such as coconut oil, cacao and spirulina), it’s reassuring to know sports nutritionists have already done the brain work, allowing you to push yourself physically as far as you feel comfortable, safe in the knowledge there is a choice of optimum nutritional support available to help you bounce back FAST. Sports-Performance Protein Snacks and Bars can play a vital role in this recovery and recuperation process.

It pays to choose carefully, though; not all protein snacks are made equal. Organic, nutritionally dense products, with few unfamiliar sounding names and none of the numbers that often go hand in hand with suspiciously long lists of ingredients, are preferable.

Why is organic better?

Whilst, in the strictest sense of the word, most foodstuffs could be argued to be “organic”, generally speaking, when we make organic choices we feel more confident of investing in superior ingredients, higher nutritional values and “greener” credentials. And, it’s true, organic foods usually:

  • contain fewer pesticides
  • are made with fresher ingredients
  • are GMO-free
  • are better for the environment, and
  • can be richer in nutrients

With so many of us happy to budget for exclusive gym memberships, high performance clothing and state of the art equipment, it makes sense to extend that to our bodies and opt for organic nutrition when it matters most. Fortunately, the Evolution Organics team has made making that choice as easy as clicking a button!