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Healthy Things to Add to Your Home Office

Healthy Things to Add to Your Home Office

13th May 2021

Many of us have had to adapt our way of working pretty significantly over the past year. With limits on what we can and cannot do, we have needed to take a more flexible approach to our working day.

With this in mind, plenty of us will have set up home offices and looked to create our own work space within the four walls of our house. These can be great for maintaining concentration and allowing you to stay productive and professional.

At Evolution Organics, we understand the importance of getting into positive habits. Regardless of where you are working, be it at home or elsewhere, maintaining these positive habits is the best way to live a positive and healthy life.

So with many people working from home at the moment, finding things that support living and working healthily is important.

In the latest Evolution Organics blog, we pick out a few of our products, ranges and some of our best desk accessories that can help support this. Take a look!

Great items for your office space

When working from home, it is easy to get so embroiled in your work that you actually overlook some important elements of self-care.

One of the most important things you should do each and every day is drink plenty of water. But if your home office is a distance from your kitchen, then it can be difficult to get into a positive habit regarding this.

One great way to overcome this is by investing in products that can provide you with great water options in your home office. And what’s more, you can filter your water so that you don’t accidentally consume any unwanted components or bacteria.

Take a look at this excellent Santevia Water Filtration Pitcher for example. This perfect home office accessory takes ordinary tap water and filters it so it has the qualities of the mineral water you would find in a store.

This filtration process also means that drinking this water will help maintain a healthy PH balance. And with enough capacity to contain approximately 9 glasses of water, it’s easy to stay hydrated with this product on your home office desk.

We also offer 15L Santevia water filtration options, as well as various Santevia filter products and accessories. Be sure to take a look through our full water product collection.

Quality Tea and Coffee Options

Few people are able to get through the working day without a healthy dose of caffeine. While there are plenty of options out there on this front, at Evolution Organics we have a range of healthy tea and coffee options that can help you stay alert while still maintaining a healthy bodily system.

We stock a host of organic coffee products, including Bulletproof coffee which has developed a really strong reputation in this area. Our range of healthy coffee is diverse, so take a look through all that’s on offer and find what you are looking for and add it to your home office. We also have eco-friendly coffee filters available from If You Care.

What’s more, Evolution Organics also has a host of tea varieties available. This is another way to stay hydrated, with options from the likes of Pukka, Organic India and Rio Health available. Our range includes traditional teas, herbal tea, fruit tea and many other tea options, so be sure to browse through and find your perfect tea purchase.

We also have hot chocolate and latte options, so don’t miss out.

Add some books to the mix

Every office is in need of some books and reading materials in order to look the part. If you are somebody who enjoys life’s healthier things and want to have books that reflect this, Evolution Organics has a great range from which to choose.

With books on healthy diets, specific conditions and cook books aplenty, our library of health books contains items that are sure to be a positive addition to any health fanatic’s home office.

Keep the home office clean

Like any space in the home, a home office can quickly accumulate dust and dirt. Therefore keeping it clean, but doing so in an eco-friendly way, is an important thing to do.

At Evolution Organics, we have a host of green cleaning products, including Bio-Nature Lemon Myrtle Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleanser, and If You Care Sponge Cloths. These products can help you get your desk area clean in no time, so be sure to take a look through our full homecare and cleaning range.

Shop for health products at Evolution Organics

Be sure to look after yourself both physically and mentally while working from home. Our blog on staying in shape at home could be of use here, as could our blog on finding natural ways to unwind.

You can find a superb selection of healthy home office products at Evolution Organics, so be sure to take the time to scour through our range.

If you want to find out more about our shipping you can do so here. And if you have any questions, it’s just a case of getting in touch with the Evolution Organics team. We will be happy to help!