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The 3 Step Morning Routine for a Happy, Healthy Day

The 3 Step Morning Routine for a Happy, Healthy Day

Posted by Emma Nolan on 18th May 2022

A good morning routine can set you up for a great day! Having a positive start to the day puts you into a positive mindset, resulting in happier and more productive days. Your morning routine is something that you have complete control over and only you can decide what to do during that time. Below are my three steps for a morning routine to kick-start the day.

1. No More Snooze Button

Hitting the snooze button for that extra 10 minutes in bed is always so tempting. Trust me I use to do this all the time, and sometimes more than once. At the time I used to think an extra 10/20 minutes in bed sounds good to me, but when I actually got up I always felt more tired than when the first alarm went off. Its not always easy but that is totally normal, just take it one day at a time. Recently I have tried putting my alarm somewhere away from the bed where I have to actually get out of bed to turn it off and I find this really helps.

Just to note if you do find that you are very tired when you need to get up you may need to look at your night-time routine and how many hours of sleep you are getting. Find our top tips for better sleep here.

2. Resist the scroll

The first thing people tend to do in the morning is to go straight for their phone and have a scroll through social media. Don’t do it, I repeat don’t do it! Often, we will find something on there that we don’t like and that put us into a negative mindset for the rest of the day. I would recommend to avoid looking at your phone for, at least, the first hour of the day. Your brain is in a very influential state during this time, so you want to do something that will bring a sense of calm and positivity. Personally, I like to do either a 20-minute mediation and a morning stretch, or a workout. This has definitely changed my morning mentality and resulted in happier, more productive days.

3. Healthy breakfast and daily supplements

There is nothing better than a nice healthy breakfast to kick-start the day. My go-to breakfast at the moment is yoghurt, fruit, ground flaxseed, and hemp seeds. I know some people find it difficult to eat in the mornings so perhaps a smoothie using, my personal favourite, Vivo Life Caramel Biscuit meal replacement instead could be a great option. I also have a green smoothie every morning and of course my daily supplements. I follow a vegan diet, so supplementing is really important for me, but should be a consideration for everyone. I have made a list of my trusty daily supplements below. If you are new to supplements, have a look through our range of multivitamins to get started and find what's best for you.

Why not start with these three basic steps and see how your mornings can be transformed into a time that you can actually benefit from and enjoy!