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Plant Fats and Oils

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Plant oils are intended for ingestion, in a similar way to marine oils. They’re not to be confused with essential oils, such as lavender, and camomile etc. distilled from plants. Nor should they be applied as part of an aromatherapy massage, or for other primarily external uses.

Many seed oils, such as chia, are powerhouses of micronutrients working in synergy as nature intended, to deliver targeted nutritional punches. Black cumin is one of the oldest and most therapeutically revered seeds in history. We do know it contains over a hundred active chemical compounds (some still remaining unidentified), including all the essential fatty acids that we're unable to manufacture and need to derive from food sources, as well as several B vitamins, and minerals, including iron, copper and zinc.

Other oils are known more for their specific uses. Neem Oil, for example, has played a starring role in Indian beauty regimes for over 4000 years. This is due to its ability to improve the condition of hair, skin and nails. Neem Oil is now coming to prominence in the West, not only as a natural cosmetic, but commonly as a non-toxic tool in the fight against head lice. Take a look at this link, before coming back to us here. At just £16.95 for as many as 90 capsules of Organic India Neem, we're sure you'll agree that's a great price. The capsules can be used to help soothe and heal the body, both inside and out!

Why is organic better?

When it comes to supplementation, it’s easy to overlook the importance of making organic choices. However, when you consider any non-organically derived plant ingredient may have been exposed to potentially dangerous pesticide residues, it brings the argument for more healthful choices in supplementary nutrition into sharp focus. Fortunately, Evolution Organics is committed to the whole picture when it comes to your complementary nutritional choices.