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Product Review Love Life Supplements Greens

Product Review Love Life Supplements Greens

Posted by Marie-Eve Maitland on 22nd Jan 2024

We love to try out new product and especially when its from one of our favourite brands: Love Life Supplements! This time, our product to review was Love Life Supplements Greens Orange and Lime Flavour.

Who's Love Life Supplements?

First off, let’s talk about Love Life Supplements and why we love their range (and started selling it quite early on).
LLS are a UK based company, there to help as many people as possible by providing the highest quality, highly effective nutritional supplements with nothing unnecessary, unhealthy, or "nasty" added.
Love Life Supplements only sell nutritional supplements that are carefully developed to target and optimise multiple areas of health and performance.
“We believe in obtaining as much nutrition as possible from our environment and the foods that we eat, in as natural a state as possible, of the highest quality and preferably organic […]

We do NOT cut any corners. If we cannot produce a product to those standards, we won’t. This ensures that, although our supplements will never replace whole foods, they come a close second and can fill any gaps that may be lacking in your diet.”

Our Review - Love Life Supplements Greens Orange & Lime Flavour

As a team, we are used to green powder, from Living Fuel Super Greens (a whole meal), to Synergy Natural Organics Greens Powder, to Bulletproof Greens and many other green powders in between. We have used and sampled quite a few too.

There are many reasons why I love a green powder and why it’s such a good addition to any daily ritual. A concentrated greens powder is ideal for those wanting to detoxify, energise, improve immune support and overall wellbeing. The body can (and does) detoxifies naturally but giving it a little help is generally a very good idea.

Another reason why I love a green powder is because greens mostly contain high levels of vitamins, minerals, and fibre and although I eat well, I would have to eat a mountain of kale, spinach, spirulina and much more to equal what is in one single scoop of this high quality green powder.

KALE - loaded with antioxidants and contains calcium, vitamin K and C and iron.
SPIRULINA - one of the most nutrient dense foods on earth.
SPINACH - This dark leafy green is an excellent source of vitamins & minerals.
PEA PROTEIN - An excellent source of Iron, Arginine and Amino Acids.
SEAGREENS - wholefood that provides minerals, vitamins & elements to promote health.
CHLORELLA - superfood packed with iessential vitamins, minerals, amino acids & chlorophyll.
INULIN - stimulates the good gut bacteria to relieve constipation, and promote weight loss.
LACTOSPORE PROBIOTIC - advanced probiotic to promote optimal digestion of nutrients.

Now, what's it like?

I decided to really give it a good try, daily, without fail for at least 2 weeks. I just got back from holiday and my food choices were (let’s say) different than when I am home.
I’ll be honest, I was not really looking forward to it as I know what "greens" taste like. I was wrong, Love Life Supplements Greens Orange & Lime Flavour is surprisingly tasty. The orange & lime flavour is pleasant. It’s slightly sweet because of the stevia but not overly sweet at all.
I take one scoop daily in water in the morning, usually before my first meal and I don’t even need to down it. I also know it works as I got a few little spots after day 3 (these tend to be gone by days 5) and it’s my sure way of knowing I am detoxing. And I feel very good from taking it daily.
The only downside is that it's hard to mix without a blender or a frother. It’s also very greens, like dark green, and this might put people off but do not fear, it tastes way better than it looks.

Do I recommend it?

Yes, very much so. So next time you want a green powder, Love Life Supplemement’s Greens Orange & Lime Flavour is what I suggest.

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