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Stay Fresh This Summer with Natural Deodorants

Stay Fresh This Summer with Natural Deodorants

19th Apr 2021

Feeling confident in our own skin is a vital way to support positive overall wellbeing. But sometimes small things can have a big effect on our ability to feel comfortable and positive about ourselves.

Our personal hygiene is one such thing. You want to feel fresh, smell good and focus on having a great day.

But finding that perfect deodorant or anti-perspirant can be a tricky ask sometimes. Many products in this area contain harsh chemicals that can upset the skin. This can ultimately leave us feeling more uncomfortable.

At Evolution Organics, we understand the desire for people to utilise natural products in order to feel fresh all day long. But finding natural deodorants can sometimes be tricky.

In our latest blog, we talk you through why natural deodorants can be advantageous, and what you can buy from Evolution Organics.

Why shop for natural deodorants?

Using natural deodorising agents has a number of benefits that can make you feel physically and mentally positive.

An often misunderstood element of sweating is that we think it is the sweat itself that smells. But it is in fact bacteria around the body that mixes with the sweat and causes the stench we want to avoid. Natural deodorants help to eliminate that pesky bacteria and neutralise the problem that causes the smell of sweat in the first place.

One thing that natural deodorants do not do is block your pores. This means that you can sweat naturally, which supports positive body temperature regulation. This means that natural deodorants, also referred to as natural vegan deodorants, stop odours in a natural way.

What’s more, anybody who suffers with rashes and irritation from deodorants are more likely to find natural deodorants skin-friendly. The use of natural components means that our bodies are more likely to react positively, particularly if we have sensitive skin or allergies.

And last but not least, natural deodorants are manufactured and produced in an ethical way. They lack components that sometimes have dubious production backgrounds such as aluminium, and instead contain healthier items that have been made in a natural way.

Many natural deodorants are also vegan deodorants. This means that wearing natural deodorants can align with your overall values, particularly if you feel strongly about sustainability and ethical production practices.

What natural deodorants are available at Evolution Organics?

At Evolution Organics, we have put together an excellent range of natural deodorants that can meet your needs and help you feel fresh all day long.

We know that some people are used to spray on deodorant, but in general our range of natural deodorants only contains roll on deodorant and deodorising powders and balms. If you are dead set on a natural deodorant spray however, take a look at this PitROK deodorant spray for men and PitROK Fragrance Free spray. These aluminium-free deodorant options are a great way to smell great and avoid unwanted chemical exposure.

Our range contains a host of deodorant sticks for roll-on application from great ethical brands in the industry. We have items from We Love The Planet, coming in different scents including Forever Fresh, Sweet Serenity, Orange and Lavender.

An always popular brand, Dr Mercola also has a host of natural roll-on deodorants in our range. These include Eucalyptus Mint and Orange scented options. We also offer Incognita Citronella Deodorant and PitRok Fragrance Free Deodorant sticks.

The Evolution Organics range also contains deodorising body powders from the likes of The Clay Cure Company in a host of scents. Designed to be rubbed on to eliminate odours with only natural products, we have body powders with Mint & Vetiver, Ylang Ylang,Frankincense and plenty more.

And for anybody who struggles with foot odours during the summer, take a look at our Thursday Plantation Tea Tree foot powder. This is a great way to remove unpleasant foot-related smells and allow you to feel fresh and confident.

Shop for natural deodorants at Evolution Organics 

Whatever your reasons for wanting to buy natural deodorants, the Evolution Organics range has something for you. That makes it easy to find the best natural deodorant for your requirements.

Be sure to take a look through our full range, and check out other parts of our personal collection. This includes a host of natural skincare products, as well as dental, haircare and sun protection items.

Take a look too at our shipping and returns information, and if you have any questions, simply contact our team.

We hope you have found this blog to be useful, and here’s to a fresh and fantastic summer!