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How to Stay Hydrated this Summer

How to Stay Hydrated this Summer

24th Jun 2020

We all know that drinking plenty of fluids is an important thing. We likely know how much of our bodies is made of water, and that replenishing any lost water, or keeping our overall water levels topped up, is important if we want to feel good.

The key to this is hydration. We know what that means in loose terms, but the science of hydration and dehydration can be a little more complicated than we initially think.

Hydration is important all year round. But when the summer months arrive and those temperatures start to soar, the importance of being hydrated becomes all the more relevant.

To help you stay hydrated this summer, we at Evolution Organics have put together this handy guide.

How does hydration work?

Each cell, organ and piece of tissue that comprises our wonderful bodies needs water in order to do its job and function properly. Everything from temperature maintenance to getting rid of waste is reliant on water. If you do not have enough water in your body, the various tasks that require water to do will be affected. This can manifest in some peculiar and really unwanted ways. 

These can include headaches, dizziness, cramps and lethargy. But by drinking the right amounts of liquid and staying hydrated, you can avoid any unwanted effects and stay feeling your best.

Hydration and heat

Dehydration is an added danger during periods of high temperatures. So as the summer arrives and the temperatures regularly reach the mid to late 20s and even higher, the need to be mindful of our levels of hydration is even more important.

As mentioned, our bodies use water to regulate our body temperature. This is part of a process called thermoregulation, which keeps our body temperatures at a safe level. There is actually only a small range of temperatures that our bodies can operate at. Most people’s bodies will be at a core temperature of between 36.6C and 37.8C according to healthlinecom. 

This means that when we get too warm, our body has to take steps to ensure our core temperature doesn’t go any higher than what is safe.

One way it does this is with sweat. We all know what sweating is and feels like, as sweat is released by your sweat glands to help cool your skin as it evaporates. As we sweat, we lose water from inside our bodies. This leads to a higher risk of us feeling dehydrated and all the problems that brings.

Hydration and exercise

Exercise is a major contributor to our body’s core temperature rising, which accelerates the sweating process. This means that being suitably hydrated becomes all the more important when exercising, as your body is likely to lose fluids during this activity.

This again is important all year round, and maintaining or replacing fluids during exercise is important regardless of the outdoor temperature.

But the combination of exercise and heat, as may well be the case in the summertime, means that staying hydrated here is especially important. It’s important from a health perspective to avoid the ill-effects of dehydration, but also from a performance perspective, as having the right levels of water in your system will give your body a better chance of doing what it is you are asking it to do.

How to stay hydrated

There are a few handy ways you can ensure you stay on top of your hydration levels.

One way is by having a bottle of water on your person at all times. The more opportunity you have to drink water, the more likely you are to do so. Of course, you don’t just have to just have plain tap water but can flavour it with fresh fruit to help liven things up. Also we are often guilty of confusing thirst for hunger. So instead of topping our hydration levels up, we have a snack or light meal. 

When you next feel peckish during a hot day then, have a drink first and see if that alleviates those feelings. 

Plenty of liquids can help boost your hydration levels. Fruit juices, fizzy drinks, and low fat milk, can help to enhance those all important levels. When exercising in heat, as mentioned, staying hydrated is all the more important. Be sure to drink plenty of water before exercising, and look to top up any lost water during and after your activity too.

How Evolution Organics can help

At Evolution Organics, we have put together an excellent range of hydration products that can enable you to stay safe and hydrated this summer.

With water filters, electrolyte products, amino acids, and bottles to choose from, you can take a positive step towards staying more hydrated this summer.

We also have a range of drinks available to help you stay energised and vitalised all summer long.

Shop with Evolution Organics today for all the hydration products you need. Take a look at our delivery options, and if you have questions simply get in touch.