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How to make Bulletproof Coffee

How to make Bulletproof Coffee

Posted by Marie-Eve Maitland on 7th Sep 2021

Have you heard of this? Bulletproof what? Coffee mixed with butter – whaaattt? Before you go, hear me out and let me explain a bit more about it.

To start, Bulletproof is a brand founded by Dave Asprey. They supply incredibly high quality ingredients and foods such as MCT oil, supplements and of course coffee. Let’s not forget his books, Bulletproof: The Cook Book, The Bulletproof Diet Book and The Better Baby Book (wrote with his wife, Lana Asprey).

Now, let’s talk about this coffee. Bulletproof is not just coffee, butter and oil. It’s carefully selected ingredients that will, when mixed together, create an awesome, tasty, incredibly satisfying cup ‘o joe.

Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Beans are made from the absolute highest performance coffee beans found. The coffee is produced and lab tested to target the lowest toxin content vs. normal coffee so you get all the antioxidant benefit from coffee without the side effect... no jitters!

Grass Fed (unsalted) Butter is higher in Omega3, Vitamins and antioxidants – a proper superfood.

And finally:

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil is 18 x times stronger than the MCT found in coconut oil! Bulletproof Upgraded Brain Octane Oil is THE choice to make sure your brain performs at its best all day. It converts into energy faster and delivers ketones to fuel the brain. 

Evolution Organics is proud to sell Bulletproof's amazing range HERE.

Bulletproof Coffee (1 serving)


  • 250ml of freshly brewed Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee (using approx. 2 tablespoons of ground coffee)
  • 1 tablespoon MCT oil (we used Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil)*
  • 1 tablespoon grass fed unsalted butter
  • Optional but recommended - 1 scoop of collagen powder (we love Planet Paleo or OSSA)


  1. To the hot coffee add the Brain Octane Oil, the grass fed butter (start with one teaspoon and increase over time) and collagen if using 
  2. Put it in the blender and mix until its combined and frothy

*If you haven't taken MCT oil before, start with 1 teaspoon and gradually increase.