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Review on Osmio Vitamin C Shower Filter

Review on Osmio Vitamin C Shower Filter

Posted by Marie-Eve Matland on 18th Mar 2024

All water is not equal. Our drinking water goes through a process to clean it and purify it and a large proportion of us filter our water through third party filters (such as Berkey, Santevia and OSMIO to name a few).
That’s our drinking water, and what about the water we use to wash, and shower in? Usually, it goes through a basic council backed system and then to our pipes. If you are lucky enough, your whole house can then have an added water purifying system but personally, especially if renting, this is not always attainable. It can also be quite expensive.
That’s when a shower filter comes in. What I wanted was better water for my family and we already filter our water in the kitchen through a Berkey but what about when we shower?
So, last month, I decided to get a shower filter and let me tell you how it went.

First off, what is the OSMIO Shower Filter?


“With our shower filters, your skin can feel more moisturised, soft, your hair less dry and your hair colouring can last much longer. Feel the benefits of a chlorine-free shower with reduced limescale build up.

Shower Filters are perfect for those looking for better skin and hair by removing chlorine and chemical disinfectants from the water you wash in. They can make a great gift item and travel accessory as well as a superb addition to the home shower units.

Our range of Shower Filters use highly effective media and filtration to reduce chlorine in high temperature shower water. They produce non-scaling, mineral enriched, anti-oxidant, alkaline water for health and well-being.”


If you have aconventional screw on shower head, the model to use is the Osmio Vitafresh Handheld Vitamin C Shower Filter.

With an electric shower, it's much better to use the Osmio Vitafresh Inline Shower Filter with your existing shower head (which does not cause any back pressure).


Vitamin C is one of the most effective ways for limescale and chlorine-free showers, and can also help with hair loss.

Vitamin C cleans the toxins on your skin and hair and nourishes it at the same time. You can replace chemical soaps and things you would not eat, with washing yourself with Vitamin C to avoid the toxins being carried into the blood.



The stainless steel spray improves your water pressure by up to 600%!

The shower filter will save you water -


The cartridges will last an average of 2 months with typical usage and water quality. You can see exactly when the Vitamin C level has finished as the filter container is see-through.

No other shower filters tell you exactly when to change the filter!


One gram of ascorbic acid will neutralize 1 milligram per liter of chlorine per 100 gallons of water.

C5H5O5CH2OH + HOCL → C5H3O5CH2OH + HCl + H2O

Ascorbic acid + Hypochlorous acid → Dehydroascorbic acid + Hydrochloric acid + water

Approximately 2.5 parts of ascorbic acid are required for neutralizing 1 part chlorine. Since ascorbic acid is weakly acidic, the pH of the treated water may decrease slightly in low alkaline waters.

Our Review

First off, installing it was less than 1 minute. I simply unscrewed our shower head and replaced it with OSMIO. It looks good too.

I took a shower in the morning and the water was very soft but also powerful. In the winter, I can get dry skin on my arms and then they get itchy if I forget to moisturise (and I often do) and I didn’t get that. Also, water from the shower will be ingested to a certain degree and knowing that it’s got less toxins and removes chlorine and make the water more alkaline is a massive bonus.

The big test was going to be washing my hair (it’s thick and long and quite unruly). When I go to Canada, my parents have great water, my hair feels different when I wash and after too (it’s more manageable). The difference I felt when I used the Vitamin C shower filter was excellent. It felt like back in Canada. After my weekly shower, my hair has been easier to brush and feels softer to the touch (there’s also less flyaways).

Pricing… It’s an economical alternative to most shower filters I have seen. The Osmio Water Vitafresh Handheld Vitamin C Shower Filter is less than £40 and this will last 2 months. Then the replacement cartridges are £35 for 3 filters (which will last about 6 months).

Overall rating 4.5/5
I only deduct 1/2 point because there’s only one setting so if you like a more/less powerful jet of water, you can’t really change it.