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Incorporating vegan products into your lifestyle has never been easier than it is now. Whatever your reason may be to include vegan products into your everyday life, this should not mean that you sacrifice key nutrients or that you have to spend a fortune on finding the right products for you.

At Evolution Organics, we have put together a range of vegan-friendly everyday products and supplements that are all plant-based and suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike.

Our vast selection features vegan food bars, protein powders, vitamin capsules, toiletries and so much more. 

For vegan food bars, look no further than our Organic Food Bar offering. Available in various flavours these products are totally organic and certified and an easy way to add organic fruits & veggies to your diet.

For vegan-friendly everyday items and toiletries, our Dr Bronner’s range is ideal. It includes the Tea Tree Organic Soap bar, which also helps heal cuts and bruises. It also includes Dr Bronner’s hand and body soap, lip balm and organic shaving gel, meaning you can get on with your day-to-day activities knowing you are using vegan items.

This is just a taster of our vegan range, so be sure to browse the full selection below and shop in confidence, knowing that you are buying items formulated entirely without animal-derived products.