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Product review: Alitura Natural Moisturiser

Product review: Alitura Natural Moisturiser

Posted by Marie-Eve Maitland on 11th Aug 2021

I am very lucky to work for a health company because I get to try and use some of the best supplements available and since Evolution Organics is increasing its skincare range I've been able to test the best, non toxic products on the market and let's "face" it (see what I did there?) I'm always on the lookout for real good product that truly work.

One skincare range we all love is Alitura Naturals. We came across Alitura Naturals when Bulletproof did a blog post on them years ago. It wasn't long before we were intrigued and after a bit of research, we got the range in directly from the US. We've been selling Alitura Naturals for nearly 4 years and we're all big fans.

"Our skin is our largest organ and protects what lies within our bodies. The skin responds best to ingredients that come directly from the earth, rather than synthetic formulations or chemicals. Our mission at Alitura is to provide the highest quality products we can, and for that reason, we are anti-laboratory, anti-GMO and anti-chemicals."

That, in a nutshell, is what Alitura Naturals is all about.

Product Spotlight - Alitura Naturals Moisturiser

Now, let's talk about this product. I am quite a connoisseur when it comes to natural skincare because I have tried so many different brands. I tend to like a lighter day moisturiser in the summer and I was glad that it's exactly what Alitura Naturals Moisturiser was offering.

This all-natural restorative and revitalising daily moisturiser, Alitura Moisturiser is made with 95.4% organic ingredients comprised of carefully selected, nutrient rich super-food extracts and beautifying essential oils. A uniquely blend of organic botanicals like Sea Buckthorn and German Blue Chamomile with organic extracts like Wilelaiki raw honey and bee propolis that awakens skin cells, refreshes complexion, and promotes new cell growth.

All that's needed is a couple of drops. After my first try my skin looked oily but after a few minutes, the shiny face was gone and my skin looked plump and healthy. My husband used it as well with the same result.

After 2 weeks of using it every day my skin's texture was vastly improved. I am not sure if this is simply do to Alitura's moisturiser or for the fact that I have been taking Krill oil and Spirulina tablets daily for the last month but it certainly has helped. 

I take Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Women which is packed with essential omega, MCT's and Vitamin B's to help regulate hormonal activity and maintain healthy skin. And Pukka Essential Spirulina which is rich in beta-carotene (a natural skin-clearing agent).

In any case, I think it's safe to say that a diet rich in greed foods and oil alongside a good quality moisturiser is certainly helpful to maintain and/or achieve a healthy looking skin. Results from happy testers all around.

Last minute note: Emma's favourite is Alitura Clay mask which she has been for about 1 year now. She mixes it with Apple Cider Vinegar from Braggs and it leaves her skin feeling clean and clear.