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Vegan Sport Meal Replacements

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Dairy-free options and others – to help you reach your health goals

Clean, dairy-free plant-based products are exactly what vegans everywhere search online for. Satisfy your hunger and get the essential nutrition your body requires by choosing products for vegans from our mixed range of vegan meal replacements. All Evolution Organics products for vegans are sourced from top name suppliers, such as Garden of Life, Organic India, and Vega One, with individual or multi-packs (boxes of sachets e.g.) being available.

In one single serving, some of the meal replacements for vegans that we sell will give you as much as 50 per cent of your daily vitamins and minerals requirement.

Meal replacements for vegans who demand quality

Vegans everywhere are falling in love with shakes from Vega One. There are so many flavours to choose from, and, as well as being delicious, you can use them as a wholefood meal replacement whenever you're pressed for time. Vegan sports meal replacements are perfect for those looking to obtain optimal health and achieve optimal sports performance whilst embracing a vegan lifestyle.

Being quick and easy to prepare, Vega One shakes are packed with antioxidants, and, like so many of our other vegan health support items, are:

  • Perfectly suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Soy free
  • Gluten free
  • GMO free

And of course:


Better for animals, and kinder to the environment

Too many food production companies across the world are prioritising profit over people's health and the well-being of our environment. This is increasingly becoming a worry. Opting for vegan foods from responsible companies is a great way to do your bit for our planet, whilst getting something delicious to eat at the same time. Avoid inhumane, unsustainable farming and food production methods, and go dairy-free instead. Control your weight, take care of your heart, keep Type 2 Diabetes at bay, feel better, look better, cope better... 'going Vegan' can help you do all that and more.

Take some time to browse our range of health support products specifically for vegans. Just reading the product descriptions can in itself be a pleasure. Enjoy doing that, then choose the items you think would suit you best. Ordering is easy and delivery is reliable and fast.  Vanilla, French Vanilla, Berry, Chocolate, Raw Meal Cacao, Mocha, Coconut Almond... they're all here at Evolution Organics waiting to be enjoyed by vegans who want high quality products at agreeable prices!