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  • PuraDyme PuraZyme - 120 capsules


    PuraDyme PuraZyme - 120 capsules


    PuraDyme's PuraZyme is designed to assist the cells in the body. Purazyme is a mix of enzymes and cofactors from wholefoods. This products is to be taken between meals 2 times a day.  We are very sorry, this product can't be shipped to Norway due to...

  • PuraDyme Herbal Blood Cleanse - 320 capsules


    PuraDyme Herbal Blood Cleanse - 320 capsules


    Herbal Blood is a special blend of herbs and enzymes formulated to help support a healthy and clean cardiovascular system. Ingredients Proprietary Herbal Blood Blend - 1570mg Wormwood, Black Walnut, Clover Flower, Garlic, Rhubarb, Turmeric Root,...

  • PuraDyme LiyfZyme - 180 capsules


    PuraDyme LiyfZyme - 180 capsules


    Liyfzyme is an all-natural mix of 16 wholefood digestive enzymes, these enzymes are to be taken with food/ meals, however they can be taken on their own if needed. Digestive enzymyes help breakdown food and make nutrients more available.  We are...

  • ION* Gut Support + Microbiome - 100ml

    ION*Biome (formerly Restore4Life)

    ION* Gut Support + Microbiome - 100ml


    ION*Gut Health goes beyond other supplements?to support?your wellbeing?at a foundational level. By laying that foundation?with ION*Gut Health, you?aren't just supplementing; you're supporting. ION*Gut is an all-natural mineral food supplement sourced...

  • Dr Mercola Gluten Enzymes - 30 capsules

    Dr Mercola

    Dr Mercola Gluten Enzymes - 30 capsules


    Gluten Enzymes helps take away the guesswork from dining out and can help you enjoy your meal when you can't be sure if it's gluten free. Rapid digestion of gluten is critical for good gluten tolerance, so Gluten Enzymes has been designed to aid in the...

  • PuraDyme PuraLiyf - 180 capsules


    PuraDyme PuraLiyf - 180 capsules


    PraDyme’s PuraLiyf Probiotics are actually enzyme enhanced LiyfBiotics! Combining all the health benefits of Probiotics with the proteolytic capabilities of enzymes, this powerful multi-strain probiotic contributes to a natural, healthy intestinal...

  • Bulletproof Greens - 237g


    Bulletproof Greens - 237g


    Getting your greens just got better. Bulletproof Greens delivers 35 superfoods, vitamins, minerals and digestive aids, plus nootropics and a full serving of vegetables for daily wellness. This is the perfect mix of nutrients and nootropics so you...

  • biOptimizers Masszymes - 120 capsules


    biOptimizers Masszymes - 120 capsules


    Directions: Take 1-3 caps before meals to help with digestion. To get digestive benefits, such as reduced bloating, indigestion, and post-meal fatigue, take digestive enzymes with meals. To reap systemic benefits of plant proteases, such as improved...

  • PuraDyme PuraLiyf - 500 capsules


    PuraDyme PuraLiyf - 500 capsules


    PuraLiyf capsules contain a mix of probiotics and the enzymes. We are very sorry, this product can't be shipped to Norway due to the Bromelain content. Contains both Probiotics and Enzymes Natural product Powerful multi-strain probiotics. PuraDyme's...

  • Dr Mercola Ketozyme - 30 capsules

    Dr Mercola

    Dr Mercola Ketozyme - 30 capsules


    Ketozyme contains Betaine Hydrochloride, a blend of 3 Lipases, dandelion root extract, globe artichoke leaf extract (Cynara scolymus) and ATP or adenosine-5-triphosphate. Ketozyme contains: Betaine Hydrochloride (HCl)  A Blend of 3...

Enzymes are catalysts that increase the rate of virtually all biochemical reactions occurring in cells by millions of times, reactions that would hypothetically take years take fractions of a second. Enzymes respond optimally under very specific conditions primarily influenced by heat and Ph. Optimal enzymatic activity occurs at normal body temperature and within a slightly alkaline environment, thus the emphasis on alkaline  promoting foods. Raw foods are a key way to ensure that we get enough enzymes in the body taking pressure of the pancreas, such things as raw dairy, Kamboucha and fresh wheat grass juice. Find below a range of products to assist in optimizing your enzymatic activity, known as the fountain of life!