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Introducing Planet Paleo Bone Broth protein and Bone Broth Collagen

Introducing Planet Paleo Bone Broth protein and Bone Broth Collagen

Posted by Marie-Eve Maitland on 20th Apr 2020

At Evolution Organics, our commitment to finding and identifying the very best products on the market is one of the things we pride ourselves on, and when we bring new products into our range we are always keen to tell you about it!

So in that spirit, we are delighted to be bringing you the superb array of items from Planet Paleo, who specialise in carefully curated blends of herbs and foods that have been used by humans throughout centuries, to support a healthy diet.

Planet Paleo’s Bone Broth Protein

Our bones are a vital element of our very being. Ensuring that we have strong bones can enable us to live the lives we want. Finding things that can enhance the strength and capabilities of our bones is therefore a great idea. 

Planet Paleo’s range of products contains a host of Bone Broth protein supplements that can support this. Bone broth has been used as part of traditional diets for generations as a way of enhancing our bodies and our bones alike. 

But what is bone broth? It’s made from brewed bones and connective tissues of animals, and is therefore highly nutritious. It also has been linked with joint protection, sleep and weight loss benefits.

Planet Paleo’s bone broth is made using organic products, including organic bovine broth powders. 

There are a host of different bone broth products available, coming in a range of flavours. You can pick up golden turmeric, vanilla and banana and chocolate flavoured tubs of bone broth from Evolution Organics, as well as the pure version too. 

There are also a number of bone broth sachets available from Planet Paleo, including herbal defence and all the flavours listed above.

Planet Paleo’s Collagen range

Planet Paleo also offers a brilliant selection of collagen products. We’ve looked previously at the benefits of collagen. But as a quick reminder, collagen is a structural protein that is hugely important to our connective tissues. It’s also found in our teeth, guts, eyes and in our blood vessels.

So collagen is a pretty vital part of our make ups and it’s important to keep adequate levels of collagen in our system. 

Planet Paleo’s range has a host of collagen products coming in different formats. These include tubs of pure collagen, primal goddess collagen, and marine collagen too.

There are also sachets of collagen supplements available, while one of our favourite ways of getting collagen is through these special hot drinks. Take a look at these Matcha Latte and Cacao Magic options from Planet Paleo. 

There’s a load of collagen products available, so don’t miss out.

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Additionally, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team. We will be happy to help!