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Gut Health

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  • Living Fuel SuperGreens - 882g

    Living Fuel

    Living Fuel SuperGreens - 882g


    Experience a tremendous boost in energy with SuperGreens. This delicious, ready-to-mix Super Meal powder gives you an exceptional nutritional foundation from which to feel and perform your very best. It’s a gluten-free, greens-based, whole meal...

  • ION*Biome Gut Health (Previously Restore) - 946ml

    ION*Biome (formerly Restore4Life)

    ION*Biome Gut Health (Previously Restore) - 946ml


    ION*Gut Health goes beyond other supplements to support your wellbeing at a foundational level. By laying that foundation?with ION*Gut Health, you?aren't just supplementing; you're supporting. ION*Gut is an all-natural mineral food supplement sourced...

  • Living Fuel SuperBerry Original - 924g

    Living Fuel

    Living Fuel SuperBerry Original - 924g


    The new and radically improved SuperBerry Original is a tasty upgrade to any meal with a tangy, berry flavor. Based on the new standard of Ideal Daily Values, which are levels that have been deemed vital to promote optimal health, this super smoothie mix...

  • PuraDyme PuraZyme - 120 capsules


    PuraDyme PuraZyme - 120 capsules


    PuraDyme's PuraZyme is designed to assist the cells in the body. Purazyme is a mix of enzymes and cofactors from wholefoods. We are very sorry, this product can't be shipped to Norway due to the Bromelain content.PuraDyme PuraZyme - 120 capsules ...

  • PuraDyme Liyf Essentials Powder - 14oz


    PuraDyme Liyf Essentials Powder - 14oz


    Liyf Essentials is not just a plant based protein, but also contains a complete range of vital nutrients including all 21 amino acids. It can be added to almost anything (salads, soups, dressings, smoothies etc.) to boost your daily nutritional...

  • Organic India Bowel Care - 90 capsules

    Organic India

    Organic India Bowel Care - 90 capsules


    Bowelcare combines Bael leaf with Chandrashoor seeds and psyllium husk, creating a formula gentle enough for everyday use. Organic India Bowelcare may help to relieve most types of bowel issues. Did you know your Gut is your Second Brain? Take care of it...

  • Ancient + Brave True Collagen powder - 200g

    Ancient + Brave

    Ancient + Brave True Collagen powder - 200g


    True Collagen is a pure, sustainably sourced grass-fed bovine collagen. It is odourless and tasteless, mixing easily with Coffee plus Collagen and Cacao plus Collagen water or smoothies. Our superior True Collagen is of the highest quality and purity...

The missing link in immunity, health and longevity

 When your gut is functioning properly it's a power house of vitamin synthesis and immune system regulation and so protection from harmful bacteria as well as being key to vitamin and mineral absorption and detoxification. A well balanced diet comprising of high quality organic foods that have been grown or reared on organically farmed soils is the foundation to gut health. However if your recovering from illness or antibiotics or you are looking to ensure optimal gut performance then you will find what you need here.