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Build muscle and stay healthy this Veganuary

Veganism has risen at an astounding rate in the UK, with more and more people advocating and adopting a vegan lifestyle than ever before.

Today, the benefits of living a vegan lifestyle are known to extend into a variety of societal areas. The fact of the matter is having more and more people adopted plant-based diets could have a major environmental impact.

According to researchers at Oxford Martin School, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by two thirds if the entire planet switched to a vegan-based lifestyle.

Healthcare savings and lower levels of climate damage are also cited as additional benefits, and the more people that make the leap to veganism, the greater the potential benefits.

This information is being heeded. The number of vegans in the UK quadrupled between 2014 and 2018 according to a survey commissioned by The Vegan Society last year.

The Veganuary charity encourages people to adopt veganism in January, and potentially convert them to this way of living on a long-term basis.

But one potential barrier to more and more people becoming vegans is a perceived disruption to their day-to-day life. One area of concern might be health and fitness, as certain sources of protein can be lost once a vegan lifestyle is adopted. This is particularly problematic for people looking to build muscle and get fit.

Going the plant-based way

Thankfully, there are plenty of high-quality plant-based proteins out there. These products can help ensure requisite levels of protein are maintained in a diet without requiring sources such as fish,  chicken or other meats.

If you’re looking to build muscle and get stronger as part of a new year’s resolution, but want to adhere to the vegan way of living, Evolution Organics can help.

We have a broad selection of vegan protein products available from our online store that can help you achieve enhanced sports performance – all without compromising your veganism.

Fine vegan-friendly protein products

Our selection of vegan protein products are a great alternative to whey protein, and includes a range of natural and organic plant based proteins. They offer the perfect way to support muscle building and conditioning, helping to seamlessly become part of a wider vegan lifestyle.

The vegan protein items we stock come from trusted, leading suppliers. These include Living Fuel, SunWarrior, Vega, Garden of Life and Amazing Grass.

Our vegan protein range includes products that are great before workouts, items to support recovery and repair, after a workout and weight management.

Not only does our vegan range contain protein products, but there are also vegan superfoods and vegan meal replacements available.

If you’ve recently started your Veganuary journey and found any of our vegan products particularly helpful, let us know in the comments below.

And if you have any questions about our vegan products or our wider range of natural health offerings, you can call us on 0345 3700 006.

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