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The BEST Adaptogenic Brownie Balls

The BEST Adaptogenic Brownie Balls

Posted by Marie-Eve Maitland on 22nd Feb 2023

Yes, perfect tasty balls to take before or after a training session (or any other time of the day). And to transform them into a true super food, adding a mushroom powder give your a real boost... and the choocolate covers that taste (this has been trialled at work on little ones too!)

I like to make sure we have some healthy snacks around and homemade is so much better in my opinion because you can adapt it to your taste (change the nuts, add some other ingredients, etc), and you can make then more chocolatey, less sweet, nuttier, it's really up to you.

Any mushroom powders will do - but to help make up your mind...
  • Maitake has shown better results in preventing and treating some degenerative diseases and also has a positive effect on overall immunity.
  • Reishi enhance the immune system, reduce stress, improve sleep, and lessen fatigue.
  • Chaga are rich in antioxidants and may have several potential health benefits.
  • Cordyceps may boost exercise performance and has anti-aging properties.
  • Lion's Mane contain bioactive substances that have many beneficial effects on the body, especially the brain, heart, and gut.
  • Snow Fungus has health benefits like improved brain, heart, skin, and immune health.

Adaptogenic Brownie Balls Recipe

Ingredients (make 12 large balls)

100g cashews
150g pitted dates soaked in boiling water for 5-10 minutes
25g Cocoa Powder
1 tablespoon MCT Oil
2 pinches Himalayan Salt Fine Grade
1 tablespoon Cordyceps Powder (don't worry you won't taste it)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Optimal to coat your balls: crushed cashews or cacao powder


  1. Put all of the ingredients in a food processor and blends until it forms a sticky dough.
  2. Roll the ball in slightly wet hands and coat in either cacao or cashews and store in an air tight container in your fridge for up to 10 days.

What you will need: