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Our Top 3 Self Care Tips

Our Top 3 Self Care Tips

Posted by Emma Nolan on 23rd Mar 2023

In today's world life is so busy and we are always on the go, sometimes it can feel like climbing a never-ending mountain. It's so important to take time for you during these busy, stressful days. That's where self-care comes in! Self-care is the practice of looking after and prioritising your mental and physical wellbeing. Practicing self-care can have numerous benefits such as improved mood, reduced stress and can bring an overall sense of calm, sounds good to me!

We have put together our top tips for self-care below including journaling, taking time to do the things you enjoy and, also, exercise. These are not new methods but are definitely some of the most effective!


For many of us we have thoughts buzzing around all day and it seems any break from this is impossible. That's where journaling comes in! Putting pen to paper can be so helpful to identify any negative thoughts and also provides an opportunity for positive self-talk. If you have not tried it, I would definitely recommend givign it a go!

Daily Jounaling

Journaling daily can help to reduce stress levels and can bring a sense of calmness to the mind. Treat yourself to a lovely new journal and get writing. Persoanlly, i like to journal in the evenings and try to do it everyday to get the most benefits!

Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are phrases or statements that, when you repeat them regularly, can shift negative thought. Affirmations can improve mood and help put small things in perspective. A simple way to start is to write down one positive affirmation every morning and keep coming back to it throughout the day.

Goal Setting

Sometimes it feels like evryone has it all together and knows what they're doing. Truth is most people don't! Goals can be a great way to steer you in a direction and give you a purpose. Goals can be small, weekly goals, or big, 5 year goals - do what suits you best, there is no one method for everyone! Goals can keep you motivated and once completed give you a great sense of achievement.


With busy scheduels and increasing life pressures, it is so important to take at least 5 minutes a day for you. Doing something you love to do or taking yourself away from the hussle and bustle for a while will improve your mood and reduce stress. Also, included in this is sleep and making sure you are taking time to get a full night of restful sleep.


Meditation is a practice that can bring you back into the present moment. It involves slowing down and taking 5 mins to sit and clear your mind. Meditation can help you relax and lower your stress levels, setting you up for a great day!


Everyone has something they love to do! Whether it's listening to your favourite music or reading, creating some time in your day to do just that is essential! Doing these things can increase your mood and lower your stress levels.

Skincare Routine

My favourite type of self-care, skincare! Creating a skincare routine can improve feelings of self-worth, and gives you the opportunity to take time out from the stressors of life by devoting all your attention to yourself. It really is so much more than creams and lotions, I recommend everyone give it a go!


Sleep is so important! Lack of sleep will have an affect on the rest of your day. It can leave you feeling slugish and miserable. Making time to get enough sleep and having a winddown routine is something I cannot recommend enough!


It is well known that physical acitivty is important for health. Exercise is one of the best things you can do for self-care. It can improve mood, lower stress and improve energy levels.

Get Out in Nature

If possible, get out in nature! Being surrounded by greenery and tress can increase your positivity, and envoke a sense of calm and joy! There is no better way to clear your head or mull things over than going for a walk in the fresh air.

Get a Gym/Walking Buddy

Having someone that joins you on your weekly walks or gym sessions can be so helpful, not only to keep you motivated but it also means you get to have a catch-up with a friend. Doing exercise while having someone there will help to push you through when it gets tough and, also, gives you the opportunity to talk through anything you are going through.

Join a Club

Joining a club can be a great way to get some exercise in and to meet new people. There are loads of clubs offering a wide range of different activities. Being part of a club can make you more accountable and motivated to keep going, and therefore be of great benefit to your mental and physical health.