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​Antipodes Skincare – Everything You Need to Know

​Antipodes Skincare – Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Emma Nolan on 26th Oct 2021

Antipodes® is a Scientific Green Beauty™ company from New Zealand. Utilising only pollution-free, results driven native New Zealand ingredients. These natural skin products are carefully made, responsibly sourced and deliver scientifically validated results thanks to meticulous innovation and ingredient selection.


Certified Organic

Antipodes is one of few global skincare brands with fully certified organic products in the world. This makes Antipodes a green beauty brand that you can truly trust. The brand is inspired by natural raw, plant-based ingredients which are sustainable sourced.

Sustainable Sourced

The core of this brand really is its Green Beauty Ethos. This ensures that all aspects of the business follow an environmental sustainability policy. From production to recyclable packaging, and only working with sustainable sourced ingredients Antipodes have produced incredible products with minimal impact on the planet.

Scientifically Validated Skincare

Part of the process for the products produced by Antipodes is to ensure they really and truly work. Through clinical trials and in-vitro investigations they have been able to develop products that are proven to benefit your skin validated by science, we can’t argue with that!


  1. Resurrect Clarifying Facial Toner - helps reduce the appearance of visual and open pores while providing balance and resurrection to your skin's surface (Top tip: keep this in your skincare fridge for a refreshing start to your morning routine)
  2. Divine Face Oil Rosehip & Avocado Oil– helps to replenish tired, dry, and stressed skin. To provide maximum hydration apply over your moisturiser – remember if you do this as part of your morning routine SPF is essential!
  3. Halo Skin-Brightening Facial Mud Mask – bring the spa home with this rich, luxurious face mask. Purifies and brightens skin to reveal natural radiance.

Discover the full range HERE.

Start your clean, green beauty skincare journey today with Antipodes – we have, and we haven’t looked back since!

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