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Back to the centre of the health equation

Back to the centre of the health equation

Posted by Henry Maitland on 29th Sep 2021

It’s been many years since I’ve written for the Evolution Organics blog. For this reason, I know there are many thousands of new customers that have purchased from us, or who have joined our mailing list who will not know who I am.

My name is Henry Maitland, I am the founder of Evolution Organics and still very much work on and I founded Evolution organics for several key reasons:

  1. To be involved in a business that has a directly positive contribution to the health, wellness and so happiness and evolution of our society.
  2. To walk in the direction of organic products as a preference so support the movement towards organic farming, the regeneration of soil quality, plant quality, re-forestry, ecological biodiversity, food quality and so wholefood supplement quality. All these factors provide an integrous foundation for a direction into which society can walk with deep positivity to resolve the foundational issues we know we face with respect to our environmental and health challenges.
  3. To build a business that will always serve all customers to the best of our ability in a way that supports the health and wellness of us all by acting with compassion, honesty, and integrity. Our TrustPilot rating reflects this ideal.
  4. Because of all prior points we walk in the direction of offering only supplements and products that we truly believe uphold the direction of these ideals.
  5. To write, to coach, to inform you all with respect, compassion, and truth of all the other key components that can powerfully help rebuild our health.

I have 28 years of dedicated front lines professional experience working in the world of health and wellness. I own and work in Core Evolution, the sister company to Evolution Organics, in which I run a holistic health and wellness consultancy working almost entirely with people who have not succeeded with other therapeutic therapies and therefore still suffer pain. This has given me many years of deeply interesting challenges as my work has been to solve the physical, physiological, spiritual, and mechanical problems that others have not been able to. I work with clients from all over the world as people seek to be free of things that they have often been told are unresolvable.

Having completed over 25,000 hours of client time and having dedicated at least an equal amount of time studying, I can say as a fact that I have indeed achieved a degree of mastery in my profession which is self-evident to those that I work with.

So, what has 28 years and tens of thousands of hours brought me to!? Well, this is what I will now share with you over the coming months and years to come as it is my contribution, however small, to assist, to hold, to help to nurture you all as we walk in the direction of a healthy and sustainable future.

One of the key issues I have found is that the truth in almost all cases is so hopelessly simple that many people will not listen, take on board or act on the information given. If all the information that you would ever need to become staggeringly healthier at a deep cellular level is already known (and it is) then why do we not act in our own best interests which are intrinsically linked to the best interests or our planet and environment!?

Tune in next month and I will teach you the first key foundational aspect of health and wellness, and we will take an adventure through revealing a level of inner potential that I can assure you most of us do not know exists (I know this to be true, as I had no idea!). It is only through years of practice that I have begun to tune in, deeper and deeper and I very much look forward to sharing this with you all.

In health, wellness, and happiness

Henry Maitland

CEO and Founder

Evolution Organics