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Vegan tips for success

Vegan tips for success

Posted by Marie-Eve Maitland on 22nd Jan 2019

As you might be aware I have made lunch for the Evolution Organics team for the last 2 years. Every Wednesday, it's our way to say thank you for all the hard work and I love cooking. Then Ana joined the team late last year. Ana is vegan and at the beginning having to cook vegan was a tad daunting. At home i rely heavily on eggs, butter and cheese when I cook. I wasn't sure how to adapt it. I'm also intolerant to soy so couldn't use soy yogurt, soy burgers, ect.

So back to lunches and making them vegan. I went old school and bought a vegan cook book to inspire me and it's been nearly 3 months and I have concocted some tasty, healthy, low sugar and filling recipes. Even my husband and daughter love them (and the rest of the Evolution Organics team).

Including some more vegan meals can by truly beneficial for your health (if you do it properly) and the planet so here are some tips that I found useful.

  1. Investigate and find vegan alternative for dairy that do not contain soy. Here are my favourites - Cheese - VioLife, Yogurt - Coconut Collaborative, Soft cheese - Nush, Milk - Plenish and Innocent, Butter - Coconut oil, Koko or Flora2. 
  2. Have plenty of snacks at hand: chickpea puffs, coconut flakes, popcorn, rice cakes, nuts and nut butter, olives and carrots, celery and cucumber with houmous is always a winner.
  3. Lots of beans can be added to your meal to make it more filling and increase its protein and fibre content.
  4. In baking, choose an alternative to egg by mixing flax seeds and/or chia seeds with hot water. I like to use Dr Mercola Mitomix Seed Blend with water and I have had great results.
  5. To make sure you get all the nutrients you need, include lots of colourful veggies in every meal and vary your grains. There's so much to choose from, not just plain white rice... barley, quinoa, brown rice, farro, millet and rye.
  6. Vitamin B12 is mainly found in meat products so ensure your intake is adequate. Supplement your diet with BetterYou Vitamin B12 Spray, Dr Mercola B12 Energy Spray or Lipolife Liposimal Hydroxy B12
  7. And finally, start slowly, 1 day or 2 a week or a few more dinners now and again? I make soup twice a week as my husband finishes late and those days I tend to have vegan dinners and obviously our Wednesday lunches at Evolution Organics HQ!

Here are some of our recipes you can find on the site... enjoy!

Let us know what you think

  • Vegan turmeric gingerbread man
  • Evolution Organics Superfood Salad (choose a vegan cheese)
  • Chocolate Hemp Smoothie
  • Adaptogenic brownie balls (try these asap - they are amazing)
  • Vegan and protein rich brown lentil soup
  • Healthy, raw, peanut butter chocolate cups (omit the collagen)
  • Raw Cacao and Creamy Hemp Ice-Cream (yes!!)
  • Simple supper, bean enchiladas
  • Vegan pistachio and rose cake
  • Cream of mushroom and coconut milk

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