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Enema Supplies

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  • Purelife Glass Enema Kit with Bottom Spigot - 2Qt

    Purelife Health

    Purelife Glass Enema Kit with Bottom Spigot - 2Qt


    Features: Purelife 2 Quart Pyrex Non Toxic Borscillate Glass Enema Bucket - Holds 8 Cups of Solution Easy to read measuring lines and bottom spigot for direct flow 100% Glass - No plastic parts on the enema bucket 5 Ft medical silicone enema...

  • Purelife Washable Enema Pad

    Purelife Health

    Purelife Washable Enema Pad


    A must have, you don't want to do a coffee enema without this special coffee enema protective pad. Prevents a mess when doing coffee enemas. Easy clean up with this washable enema pad. Features: Coffee Enema Underbody Pad! Keeps your enema area...

  • Purelife Glass Enema Kit 1 QT with Harness

    Purelife Health

    Purelife Glass Enema Kit 1 QT with Harness


    Purelife Health Equipment takes your health seriously and offers only the finest quality of materials. The USA Made PureLife are highly anti-corrosive, durable, and long lasting. We are happy to offer our glass enema buckets to those who prefer the...

  • Purelife 4ft Silicone Colon Tube - Closed End

    Purelife Health

    Purelife 4ft Silicone Colon Tube - Closed End


    This is a great way to do your water or coffee enemas, without needing an enema hose, or enema nozzle tip. Just attach the colon tube directly to your bucket and you are ready to go. The 18FR diameter creates a slower flow, which is recommended for...

  • Purelife Tapered Enema Nozzles - 3 Pieces

    Purelife Health

    Purelife Tapered Enema Nozzles - 3 Pieces


    A Purelife Favourite! We have chosen to offer this enema nozzle for sale as we feel it is a very comfortable enema tip, with easy insertion. We also find that it does not get clogged up, due to the exceptional closed rounded end. Very easy to...

  • Purelife Enema Tubing Clamp

    Purelife Health

    Purelife Enema Tubing Clamp


    Strong, Durable Clinch Clamp. Shuts Off Flow in Enema TubingPurelife Enema Tubing Clamp Fits All Purelife 5 Foot Silicone Enema Tubing & 4 Ft. Silicone Colon Tube

  • Purelife Roller Style Tubing Clamp

    Purelife Health

    Purelife Roller Style Tubing Clamp


    Fits most enema hoses and provides an adjustable flow. Will NOT fit on our 4 foot silicone colon tubePurelife Roller Style Tubing Clamp One hand control. Enables the flow of the enema solution through the tubing by either rolling the wheel forward to...

  • Purelife Retention Nozzle  - Silicone

    Purelife Health

    Purelife Retention Nozzle - Silicone


    The Purelife Enema Retention Nozzle is very helpful for those who have a difficult time holding a regular enema nozzle tip inside the rectum. The PureLife Enema Retention Nozzle will also help those who have a difficult time holding a coffee or water...

Discover products to assist with the healthy cleansing of the body

If you’ve noticed that you’re feeling sluggish, weighed down and just not yourself, you could be in need of a colon or large intestine cleanse. The colon and large intestines can build up an excess of toxins that are sometimes hard to expel. However, with the help of coffee enema products, you can cleanse your colon and rid your body of toxins with ease.

The coffee enema process involves slowly injecting coffee via the anus to cleanse your colon and large intestine and can be extremely effective to void any excess waste from the colon walls.

Everything you need for the optimal cleanse

At Evolution Organics, we have all the essential products and tools you need to begin your coffee enema process. For beginners, why not try our coffee enema starter kits? The Nutrigold coffee enema starter kit contains all the necessary products you need to carry out your coffee enema in the comfort of your own home.

Cleansing coffee

We also stock selection of specialist coffee that has been designed purely for coffee enemas so you can rest assured the products you’re using are safe and fit for purpose. Take your pick from a selection of options including:

  • Lighter coffee roasts
  • Heavier coffee roasts
  • Organic coffee options
  • Larger and smaller sizes

We’ve made sure to source our coffee enema kits and products from reliable brands so you can feel confident about the products you’re using.

Are you ready to discover the benefits associated with a coffee enema? If so, discover our range of coffee enema products that are all available for affordable prices.