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The missing link in immunity, health and longevity

When your gut is functioning properly, containing a healthy colony of gut bacteria, it's a powerhouse of vitamin synthesis and immune system regulation. The healthy gut environment is key to vitamin and mineral absorption and detoxification. A well-balanced diet comprising of high quality organic foods, which have been grown or reared on organically farmed soils, is the foundation to gut health. However, if you need a boost, if you're recovering from illness or antibiotics, or have a delicate gut, then you will find what you need amongst our range of purchasable supplements.

Prebiotics. What are they?

Probiotics and Prebiotics can both be hugely beneficial to our digestion, but they work in dissimilar ways, behaving differently in our guts. Prebiotics are usually some kind of fibre, which our tummies love, but which we don't actually digest. It is the bacteria inside our guts that gets to work doing that. Prebiotics are great for helping in this process, however, playing a key role in ensuring that we stay healthy. They basically 'feed' the positive bacteria we have inside us, which is of course unique to each and every one of us.

When looking to consume Prebiotics through food, most people put items in their shopping baskets such as fruit and vegetables, legumes, whole-wheat products, and even things like raw garlic, artichokes, and raw chicory roots.  It is really a case of trial and error, meaning that it can take time to find out what suits your body best. Where Prebiotics are used for the aforementioned reasons (as a health boost, if you have a particularly delicate stomach, or if you are on the road back after having been laid up in bed with illness for a few days, or even longer) then supplements are absolutely ideal.

Probiotics explained

It was not that long ago (ten or eleven years, perhaps) that no-one had really heard of Probiotics or Prebiotics. Now, they are all the rage. And that's no understatement. Across the World, millions of people are taking Probiotics and Prebiotic supplements, simply because of the potential advantages to health (namely, digestion) that they can offer.

For our intestines to function properly and well, we can consume Probiotics through foods, such as yoghurt, sourdough bread, some cheeses, fermented soy, and even through alcoholic drinks, such as wine and beer. 

Generally speaking, any type of food or drink that has been fermented or cultured will contain Probiotics. And for those of us in need of a Probiotic boost from time to time or when in recovery from a period of ill health different types of supplements are available.

Although the relationship between our various bodily systems, bacteria, our gut and several complex gut-located processes is still not yet fully understood by health professionals, people everywhere are adding Probiotics and Prebiotics to their shopping list each week, for the potential health benefits (both positive and preventative) that they offer!