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Which Vitamin D supplements are suitable for Vegans?

Which Vitamin D supplements are suitable for Vegans?

28th Jan 2020

Our bodies are complex things. The various delicate systems and synergies that make us what we are need to be cared for and looked after. It’s all about striking balances, and getting the right amount of the right thing at the right time.

However, we also have choice and flexibility about what we do and do not consume. And for a variety of reasons, including environmental and moral ones, many people are adopting a vegan lifestyle.

You might be taking part in Veganuary at the moment! This presents people with the chance to sample the vegan lifestyle and see how they adapt to this new way of living.

If you are keen to try veganism and are making these small tweaks to your life, then you naturally don’t want to compromise your health and wellbeing in any way. So the best thing to do is to continue to get what you need in your system, but without breaking the vegan way of living you’re adopting.

One of the important elements you need in your system is Vitamin D. We’ve spoken previously about the need to keep your Vitamin D intake high during the winter months due to the lack of sunlight and the more time we inevitably spend indoors over the winter. Vitamin D deficiency is a problem for many people over the winter months, with symptoms including a weakened immune system, general achiness, and chronic pain all potentially linked to a lack of Vitamin D in our systems.

As a vegan, one of the frustrating things is that popular ways to get Vitamin D is through foods that include animal fat, like fatty fish, such as tuna and mackerel. Cheese and eggs are other good sources of Vitamin D, but as a Vegan these are all of course a big no-no.

So in order to allay the dangers of a Vitamin D deficiency, using Vegan Vitamin D supplements to stay on top of your levels and stay as healthy as possible is a good idea.

Evolution Organics has a great choice of vegan-friendly vitamins, as well as many other vegan supplements that can make a positive difference. Leading vegan vitamin supplements in our range include the selection of Vitashine vitamin tablets and sprays we have available. You can buy tubs of 60 tablets and enjoy Vegan D3 as the tablets are made using an organic plant source called Lichen. 

The Vitashine sprays available are also made from Vegan Lichen sources, helping you to get the right input of Vitamin D into your system. 

Garden of Life is another leading supplier of Vegan vitamin supplements, and we have organic vegan V3 vanilla sprays that are made from real, nutritious foods.

We also have Vegan Vitamin D Spray from BetterYou that is designed to help you maintain good Vitamin D levels, as well as Natural Lemon Vegan D3 and K2 complex from Vivo Life. And a favourite of ours is the Lipolife Liposomal D3 food supplement, which helps keep bones, teeth and joints healthy. 

These products are all high in Vitamin D and can help you to keep the right level of Vitamin D when you need it the most.

We also have more vegan-friendly ranges including vegan food and drink options, sport and fitness, and food supplements. Be sure to take a thorough look through the full range of supplements and find the ideal addition to your diet and lifestyle today. 

We’ve also added a new Vegan section to our website where you can easily browse our entire range of vegan-friendly products.

If you’re taking part in Veganuary, let us know how you’re getting on and whether you have any tips for other readers using the comment box below. And if you have any questions about our delivery or products, simply get in touch.