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How to relax and recharge at home

How to relax and recharge at home

5th May 2020

Modern stresses and strains are making it harder and harder for us to find ways to unwind and relax. With so many distractions and difficulties, it’s hard to take the time to let your body and mind simply recover and to restore some equilibrium. This was true before the current lockdown began. But with so much worry in the world at the minute, the challenge of sitting back and unwinding has become even trickier.

Taking time for ourselves and fully relaxing is an important part of keeping ourselves safe and well. In the latest Evolution Organics blog, we take a look at why relaxing and recharging is so important, and how you can help yourself to find some peace and tranquility.

The importance of relaxation

If we are facing something stressful, our body will tend to react in a certain way. Increased blood pressure, muscle tension, heart rate and respiration rate are all associated with stress. We all feel stress at certain points, but these initial factors can get worse and affect other areas of our lives if we don’t take the time to unwind and restore that equilibrium. This includes factors such as longer term muscle aches and pains, added strain on our vital organs, and disrupted sleep.

Naturally, you want to avoid this. A great way to do so is to take the time to find healthy ways to get your body and mind feeling peaceful and at ease. 

The stresses of lockdown

Given the current lockdown we are all facing, there are new stresses that we simply are not used to. One is the obvious worry about the health situation, and the wellbeing of our families, our friends and ourselves

Another is the way we are having to stay cooped up within our homes. This can build pressure and difficulties with the people we are sharing our lockdown spaces with.

Some of us are potentially facing work or employment-related stresses too. So even if you think of yourself as nice and relaxed usually, chances are there are things that we are having to face that we simply aren’t used to.

Taking time for you

This all means that finding ways to take time for yourself is more important than ever. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to do this.

One is meditation. If you’ve not tried meditation before, this is a great way to slow your body down and find some inner balance. There are lots of great apps out there that can help guide your meditation journey, and this is something that more and more people are finding to be an excellent way to unwind and destress.

Another is exercise. Walking, jogging and cycling are proving a refuge for people up and down the country as they look to get outside their four walls, and the benefits of exercise for both body and mind are well known. However, make sure to respect social distancing measures when exercising outdoors, and there’s also plenty of workout routines you can try indoors too.

Taking time to enjoy relaxing teas can also help when coping with stress. Staying hydrated, enjoying a delicious flavour, and developing that feeling of zen is a wonderful way to take the time to restore balance.

Also, taking the time to treat yourself is a great way to provide distraction and deliver some much needed ‘me time’. Looking after your skin with things like lotions, creams and balms can be a great way to chillout, while adding to your beauty collection can help you treat yourself.

And if you are finding that you are having more restless nights or struggling to drift off, our range of sleep and relaxation products might help.

Browse the Evolution Organics range

We have a vast selection of products spanning everything from sports and fitness items to vitamins and supplements, to help you relax and keep active during this time.

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If you have any questions, be sure to get in touch with the Evolution Organics team.