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Brand of the Month - Living Nutrition

Brand of the Month - Living Nutrition

Posted by Emma Nolan on 30th Jan 2023

Living Nutrition is a small UK-based company founded in 2014. The foundation of all their products is a specially developed kefir-kombucha fermentation process, applied to organic herbs and foods to create a living nutrition. Everything is handmade and personally overseen to ensure all products develop into their optimally vital state.

What sets Living Nutrition apart is that all their products are fermented. During this fermentation process nutrient levels increase and are pre-digested into a highly bioavailable form. Fermentation also creates a source of natural probiotics and prebiotics, which are essential for overall health and wellbeing! In order to achieve their extended fermentation Living Nutrition have combined kefir and kombucha. This fusion evolves their products into a highly bioactive form and preserves their therapeutic effects.

Living Nutrition have produced the world’s first ever organic plant-based capsule! The capsule is made from three ingredients and contains no chemicals, a completely natural way to encase their wonderful products. It also provides a stronger barrier to prevent oxygen effecting the ingredients and is a much easier capsule to swallow.

They are completely plant based and certified organic, they are GMO-free and free of excipients, binders, artificial compounds, and additives, the ingredients are freeze dried to maintain all of the goodness and all packaging is 100% plastic free.

The healthiest natural products without any compromise!


The focus and foundation of the Your Flora range is the symbiotic core in each product. This helps create a healthy biodiverse microbiome and re-establish optimal digestive functions. Each product also contains two additional organic herbs or foods for targeted support for various digestive symptoms. Every Your Flora herbal blend has unique properties that make it is easy to match it with the correct digestive constitution, and even if the match is not exact, the symbiotic core is the same in each product, and provides the greatest benefit.


The Organic Fermented Herbs brings organic herbs alive. Using their unique, signature kefir-kombucha fermentation process they transform the entire herb into its bioactive state, creating an enhanced, living herbal supplement like no other. The herbs and foods are living complexes, highly bioavailable to the human body and full of key active compounds created only through fermentation. The result is a living synergy of activated polyphenols, micronutrients, enzymes, microbes and various sensory compounds that elevate our organic herbs to the next level of vitality.


Mushrooms contain a unique profile of compounds that have an ability to harmonise different systems in the body. Unfortunately, many of these nutrients are poorly absorbed and need processing to make them more bioavailable. Hot water extraction is the traditional method to make mushrooms more digestible, but this leads to other important nutrients being destroyed in the process. Fermentation converts the active compounds into a highly absorbable, bioavailable state whilst maintaining the more delicate nutrients in their natural synergistic form. Furthermore, the mushroom benefits from the additional effects of fermentation in the form of enhanced beta glucans, additional nutrients, enzymes, and beneficial microbes.



One of the most interesting effects of fermentation relates to cognitive
health. Throughout history fermented foods have been used for their benefits to cognition; for example, ‘kefir’ translates from the Turkish word for ‘good feeling’. Today research shows us the many specific ways in which fermentation affects cognitive health. Firstly, the production of nutrients through fermentation such as neurotransmitters and short chain fatty acids regulate cognition, and the production of various enzymes support numerous metabolic pathways. The gut-brain link is another key pathway, where a healthy digestive microbiome produces peptides that provide ‘crosstalk’ with the brain.


The Immune range contains specifically targeted products for various immune-related issues. Beyond the benefits of the individual herbs, these fermented supplements offer some distinct advantages for supporting immunity. As the herbs are bioactivated and accompanied by their various enzymes and cofactors there is no additional burden on the body or expectation that the body must supply these cofactor nutrients when it is already in a challenged state. Fermentation increases the production of polyphenols, transforming them into cellular messengers that have a deeper ability to support immune function. Fermentation also creates many additional compounds that directly support immune health such as beta glucans and immune-modulating peptides. In addition, as with all our products, they are rich in beneficial microbes that have their own specific benefits to immune balance.